GUILTY NY - Ex-President Donald Trump, charged with 34 criminal counts of falsifying business records, Apr 2023, Trial 25 Mar 2024 #3

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Thanks for posting Australian news.
I'm now curious about the interest in the Trump trial in other countries.

Can't find anything about it in the Moscow Times.

There is a basic, non-committed type of article in Al Jazeera:

"Media coverage of the hush-money case has described the process largely by using legal terms. But it is not always easy to understand judicial jargon like “indictment” and “arraignment”.

Below, Al Jazeera explains 12 basic legal terms that readers may frequently come across in the news and how they apply to the Trump trial."

Thanks, I did a read backwards and found it, as well. It just seemed odd.

You may can tell, I'm late joining the thread. Thanks again, for your help.

NY laws seems unique, moo.

There are many unique procedures, I expect, depending on what or whom the law has determined to have priority. In these parts (BC Canada) it is the evidence which makes the determination. If you presented evidence for your case, the defence will make the argument first, and the prosecutor will go second. If you did not present evidence, the prosecutor will go first
At 9:32 a.m., the judge said he received another note from the jury asking for him to re-read his instructions to the jury from page 7 through page 35.

The jury has also requested that they be provided with headphones for the laptop.

In asking for the headphones, the jury likely wants to listen to certain of the recordings, which could include the Sept. 2016 conversation that Steinglass encouraged them to revisit in his closing. He had told them that if they listened to it with the volume up, they would hear a reference to a possible $150,000 payment to Karen McDougal during that conversation.
I'm not surprised that some of the jurors would ask for headphones.
My laptop sound is more than loud enough for me to hear, but on some sites and programmes, it's quite low.

When I was following some coroners cases on Youtube, the sound was especially low volume so I used headphones.
Everything the jury is hearing read back from the Pecker testimony this morning is about the alleged conspiracy to influence the election — not a word of this is about the 34 counts of falsifying business records, which is notable.

If the documents aren’t false records — the jury doesn’t even need to reach the question of whether the state has proven the other crime that bumps the charges up to the felony. Pecker was also the first witness, who testified weeks ago at this point, so jurors have heard a lot since that time. But they’ve also heard an instruction telling them they can’t convict Trump on Michael Cohen’s word alone under the law.
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