NY - Homeless parents arrested; infant taken in custody; living in unheated barn

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    Homeless parents arrested and infant taken into custody after found living in unheated barn


    Several child protective services investigators, along with several members of the Bethlehem Police Department arrested a young, homeless couple last night who were sleeping in a local farmer's barn. They also took into custody a baby who was sleeping in a cattle trough in the unheated barn.


    Specifically, the court ordered the following.

    1. That the father Joseph undergo a paternity test to see if he was the child's father.

    2. The mother undergo psychiatric testing because she expressed hallucinations that her baby was fathered by God the Holy Spirit not Joseph.

    3. That the father find more suitable and permanent employment.

    4. That the parents rent an apartment or house and move out of the barn.

    5. That the parents enroll and successfully complete a parenting class.

    6. That the parents remain in Bethlehem.

    7. That the parents report to Child Protective Services once a week and whenever requested to do so.

    8. That both parents agree to drug and alcohol testing.

    9. That the parents agree to have Child Preventive Services involved in their lives for a minimum of three years, if the child is returned to their custody.
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    Ha!!! At first, I was like, "This sounds very familiar."
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