NY - Lenor Reyes & Yudelko Maldonado, both 19, slain, babies stolen, NYC, 1980-81

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    If anyone here watched America's Most Wanted in the 1990's, then they should be pretty familiar with this case.

    Loretto Villar -- is still wanted by the New York City Police Department for allegedly murdering 19-year old Yudelko Maldonado and 19-year old Lenor Reyes in 1981 and 1980 respectively. The two women were apparently murdered so Villar could steal their young children. The children were sold to Villar's wife, Gladys Villar.


    I'm guessing Villar was last profiled on AMW in 1997. That would be because AMW had a list of their Most Wanted criminals on their first ever website format and Villar was on there. The second version of their website has no mention of him (accessible through web.archive.org) and neither does the current website.

    Possibly fled back to Cuba.
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