Found Deceased OH - Abdul Mohammed, 25, Cleveland University student, family in India claims ransom demand, 7 Mar 2024

Very sad news. :(

Another ‘missing’ Indian student found dead in Ohio, US, 11th such case this year​

The Indian embassy in New York has confirmed the tragic news that Mohammed Abdul Arfath, a 25-year-old student from Hyderabad who had enrolled for a Master’s program at Cleveland State University in 2023, is found dead in Ohio.

The embassy expressed their sorrow with the following statement: “Anguished to learn that Mr. Mohammed Abdul Arfath, for whom search operation was underway, was found dead in Cleveland, Ohio. Our deepest condolences to Mr Mohammed Arfath’s family.”

Such sorry news. I think if it was foul play there would have been more in the news (Cleveland MSM has reported nothing about his death) but that's no comfort for his family. As to the other cases, a fair number of them are no different than US born college students, alcohol, drug overdoses, self harm, accident, and too often - crime. Sad, all the way around. Behind The Headlines: How Eight Indian Students Died In US In 2024 - News18 Back-to-back deaths of 7 Indian students leave community shaken and worried
“We were scared, disoriented and in shock (when the ransom call came in). We went numb and did not know what to do, but we were aware his life was in grave danger. We informed a few relatives living in the US who lodged a police complaint, and we also informed the Consulate in Chicago. Everyone cooperated and they tried to search for him. We had also appealed to Minister of External Affairs S Jaishankar to speak to officials in the US to help locate him. We had been fasting and praying for his safe return; we still had hope he would be traced and rescued. Today, we received the shattering news,” said a family member.
‘We still had hope, one phone call shattered us’: Family of student found dead in US :(

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