Found Deceased OH - Linda Pagano, 17, Akron, 1 Sept 1974 *confirmed match in 2018*

I know. Girl is still unidentified.

Kind of off topic here, but does anyone know how proficient Alcala's photography skills were? Like, did he develop his own pictures and know how to retouch photos, that sort of thing?
Rodney should be considered in Linda’s case as well as Dana Nulls case.
I think the one fact that nags at me is that her car never left the parking lot of her apartment. If she stormed out of the house after a fight with her stepfather at 4 in the morning, it seems like astronomical odds that a killer would have been in position to grab her from the time it took her to get from her apartment door to her car.

$10 says the step father took her keys away, that's why she wasn't driving. He then went after her and shot her

I’ve asked Carl to make a facial reconstruction of Rodney’s unknown girl.
Ok. If you want more info than start a conversation with CarlK

Carl is a very busy guy. He barely has time to do the recons that don't have anything done.

A photo of Linda Pagano compared with Carl Koppelman’s drawing of her. (Carl Koppelman)

By Meagan Flynn
July 19, 2018
The human skeleton stuck in the mud along the banks of the Rocky River took the three boys by surprise.

The year was 1975. They were hiking in the woods in Strongsville, Ohio, near Cleveland, when they found it there, as they would soon tell police. The skeleton was missing most of its flesh and part of its jaw. The boys couldn’t see it then, but it also had a small hole in its skull.

The wound came from a .25-caliber bullet, which fit “snugly” in the hole in the left temple, the Cuyahoga County coroner wrote in the 1975 autopsy report. The body appeared to belong to a white woman who was “about 20.” Little else was known about her, except that she died of homicide, the coroner ruled. Her name was “Unknown White Female Bones,” and because no one claimed her, she was buried in an unmarked pauper’s grave in Potter’s Field at a Cleveland cemetery....

... Scates got a half step closer to learning her name when she decided to upload all of her research to Reddit’s “Unresolved Mysteries” forum and on, where the case caught the attention of Carl Koppelman, a forensic artist.

Koppelman, based in California, liked cross-referencing unidentified remains with unsolved missing-persons reports. Then he makes facial-reconstruction drawings using what he knows about the skulls. He was just a hobbyist. But authorities started to take him seriously when he helped crack a 36-year-old cold case out of Caledonia, N.Y., with an eerily accurate facial-reconstruction drawing he made of the missing girl.

Scates asked him to make a drawing for Strongsville Jane Doe. By then, it was June 2016.

“There was about five or six photos of this muddy skeleton,” Koppelman told The Post. “I looked at that for a couple of months. I thought, no, the angle’s wrong. There’s no mandible. No hair color. The front teeth are all missing. There’s no way I can do anything with this — but eventually I came along and said, ‘What the hell. I’ll give it a shot.’ ”

As Koppelman got to work, he had a phone call with the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office about a separate case he was interested in from the Cleveland area. During the call, he said, he talked to Anjanette Fischer, the office’s missing-persons liaison, about his latest project, the drawing for the Strongsville missing-girl case....

... The drawing Koppelman ultimately made was stunning — but still, it was nameless.

That was all about to change. Thanks to Koppelman’s inquiry, Fischer said she promptly entered the Strongsville Jane Doe case into NamUs. And it ended up being a crucial development.

A few months later, a detective at the Akron Police Department’s missing-persons unit, Sgt. Jeff Smith, was assigned to work on cold cases. The oldest was that of Linda Pagano, according to the Akron Beacon Journal. Pagano had gone missing in September 1974 after leaving home following an argument with her stepfather, reportedly because she had gotten home late from a concert. The 17-year-old was never seen again.

At Fischer’s suggestion, Smith jumped on NamUs. He uploaded the Pagano missing-person report to see whether any unidentified remains from that time period seemed to match with her case.

And sure enough, there were: Strongsville Jane Doe. It looked to Smith like an immediate match....

... Finally, after more than a year of continued investigation and more than 40 years after Pagano was buried in an unmarked grave, authorities announced July 12 that a DNA test confirmed the remains found on the Rocky River indeed belonged to Pagano....

Finally, after more than a year of continued investigation and more than 40 years after Pagano was buried in an unmarked grave, authorities announced July 12 that a DNA test confirmed the remains found on the Rocky River indeed belonged to Pagano....

THANK heavens. I am so happy she has her name back. I have a feeling that she may have been murdered by her step father.
They raped and murdered a young girl in 1973:( these two should be considered

On August 9, 2018, Nathaniel Cook was ordered to be released from prison and sent to a work-release transition program. He was released the following day.

Does anyone think he has been rehabilitated?

Linda Pagano, 17, was abducted and murdered on 1 September 1974

Akron girl who went missing at age 17 identified over 40 years later

By: Kaylyn Hlavaty
Jul 12, 2018

More than four decades after a 17-year-old Akron girl went missing without a trace, family and friends of the missing teen now have closure after investigators identified her through DNA evidence...

Missing Akron girl identified 40 years later

I remember seeing missing posters for her from time to time. Stepfather died in 1990. It's a real shame justice was never served. I'm glad we live in an information age now and not in a time when just one year and one county over can isolate a case of a missing girl from skeletal remains.
Article from 2017, very clear why the stepfather was a poi

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Wow. The press considered reporting on missing people to be an invasion of privacy. What a different world.

Also, the stepfather was a violent drunk with a history of strange "punishments" for the other kids but not Linda, his "favorite" who lived with him after he and her mother separated - and she disappeared when she was preparing to move out of his house and in with a new boyfriend. Today, law enforcement would be all over that guy.

Of course it's also getting to the point that if a missing person hasn't been on the internet in the last 24 hours it's suspicious.
Summit County's four cold case exhumations yield different results

1974: Linda Pagano, 17, of Akron went missing after an argument with her stepfather and was presumed to be a runaway. In 2018, Akron Police requested the exhumation of an unidentified murder victim in a Cuyahoga County cemetery. DNA proved the remains belonged to Pagano.

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