OH Pike County: 8 in Rhoden Family Murdered Over Custody Issue 4 Members Wagner Family Arrested#46

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    George Wagner is accused of killing a family of 8 living on a pot farm in Pike County OH. While first thought to be drug related the killings now could be the result of a custody battle. 3 other members of the Wagner family have been arrested as well. So many twists and turns and Websleuths members are on top of every single thing that happens in the shocking case.

    The gruesome slayings have rattled this southeast corner of Appalachian Ohio, a region that culturally identifies more closely with neighboring Kentucky and West Virginia than the state’s northern cities.


    Adding to the shock was the discovery of hundreds of illegal marijuana plants on Rhoden’s property, highlighting the region’s dependency on the illegal drug trade as jobs in agriculture and timber have dried up.

    Audio 911 Calls

    PRESSER: APRIL 27, 2016

    Video Interview with Attorney General DeWine Published 8-13-16

    Minors: You may discuss what is covered in the main stream media regarding the custody of minor children. If posting snips from articles regarding the children please redact their names. These babes are innocents. One day they will google their names or those of their parents. And plenty will come up. Let's be respectful of them and the catastrophic loss they have suffered at such tender ages. Thanks.


    Leave the politics, both national and local, at the door. There is no room for them here.

    Rules Etiquette & Information

    CASE NOTES (courtesy of cujenn81) this link contains locations, distance, victim info, relationships and more.

    CASE MAP (courtesy of K.L.Puyallup)
    Preliminary Autopsy Reports
    Final Autopsy Reports source article

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    Thank you, Harmony 2!

    Here's the latest Timeline:

    Updated Timeline - Rhoden Family Murders - updating 2/5/2019

    November 2001

    George Wagner III indicted on 3 felony counts for receiving stolen property
    Pike County: Father accused in Rhoden massacre faced prior felonies


    George Wagner III and Angela Wagner charged with felony tampering with evidence. Charges dismissed by Pike County Prosecutor Rob Junk, who doesn’t recall the reason why.
    Pike County: Father accused in Rhoden massacre faced prior felonies

    2012 - AG DeWine issued press release announcing LE had discovered “a major marijuana grow site”in Pike County with suspected ties to a Mexican drug cartel. During the discovery, 1200 plants were destroyed by investigators and two abandoned campsites were located, which they believe had belonged to Mexican nationals.
    <Media & Timeline NO DISCUSSION - Pike Co, OH 8 Family Members Murdered>


    November 2013

    Birth of daughter Sophia to Jake Wagner and Hanna Rhoden. They lived together much of the time until 2015, at Hanna’s home or the Wagner’s

    Pike County investigation: 8 deaths and multiple arrests were tied to one key factor — child custody


    Jake Wagner began hacking, etc. victims’ phones, computers and social media accounts according to indictment


    March 2015

    Jake Wagner and Hanna Rhoden end their relationship
    Exhaustive investigation leads to break in Pike County murder case

    May 2015

    Frankie and Chris Rhoden, Jr get in a fight with another driver at a local demolition derby.

    Violent Rhoden Brothers Met a Violent End in Ohio Massacre

    August 2015

    Hanna Rhoden becomes pregnant with her second child, Kylie


    January 2016

    Wagner 4 begin plotting to murder the Rhoden family, per indictments

    February 2016

    Box of marijuana discovered at Piketon Post Office, investigation leads to discovery of "shatter" operation

    March 21, 2016

    Chris Rhoden, Sr. purchases property and home at 3122 Union Hill Rd. for his ex-wife Dana Rhoden, where she lived with their children Hanna Mae Rhoden and Christopher Rhoden, Jr.

    Properties released to family of Pike County victims

    Two to three weeks prior to murders: Leonard Manley claims Jake Wagner and his father tried to get Hanna M Rhoden to sign documents giving custody of her daughter Sophia to Jake Wagner.

    April 3, 2016

    Fredericka Wagner and Rita Newcomb forged custody documents related to Sophia, daughter of Jake Wagner and Hanna Rhoden

    Billy Wagner to answer to charges for Rhoden, Gilley murders in Pike County


    10 days prior to murders: A Facebook threat is made by a teen saying he will "Go up to Union Hill and

    take them all out"

    April 15, 2016

    Wagner family alleges Hanna Rhoden dropped off her daughter Sophia at their home. This conflicts with other reports that Jake Wagner picked up Sophia around 10:30 pm April 21.

    Sunday, April 17, 2016

    Hanna Rhoden gives birth to Kylie Rhoden at Southern Ohio Medical Center, Portsmouth, OH


    Monday, April 18, 2016

    Photos of Hanna Rhoden in hospital with daughter Sophie and new baby Kylie

    Graves: My wish for the Rhoden babies

    Tuesday, April 19, 2016 - Woman sentenced in road rage incident court case involving Chris Jr.

    From <OH - Pike County: 8 people from one family dead as police hunt for killer(s) #5>

    Wednesday, April 20, 2016

    Thursday, April 21, 2016

    8 am: Dana arrives at work - Hillcrest Nursing Home, Peebles, OH

    10:30 pm – Jake Wagner is reported to have picked up Sophia from Hanna Rhoden, a day earlier than usual

    11pm: Dana leaves work - Hillcrest Nursing Home - 14 miles away per CNN

    Approx 11:20 pm - Dana arrives home

    Friday, April 22, 2016

    1 am: April Manley, sister in law of Dana Rhoden, allegedly exchanges text messages with Dana. This information has never been confirmed by LE


    2 am: James Manley later told by LE that he received a text from Jake Wagner, ex-boyfriend of Hanna Rhoden. LE has never confirmed this.

    Pike County Murders: Father says it’s like ‘tearing the scabs off us’

    Between 1 am and 7 am - the following were murdered

    Bodies found at 3122 UHR: Dana, Hanna Rhoden, Chris Rhoden Jr.
    Bodies found at 4077 UHR: Chris Sr. and Gary (3 GSW to head)
    Bodies found at 4199 URH: Frankie and Hannah Hazel Gilley
    Body found near 799 LFR: Kenneth Rhoden (1 GSW to head)

    OH - Pike County: 8 people from one family dead as police hunt for killer(s) #5>

    7:15 am: Bobby Jo Manley, sister of Dina Rhoden, arrives at Chris Sr.'s property to feed his animals. She says she was with two friends, identities have varied, not confirmed.

    7:15 to 7:40?: She uses a key to unlock the front door and sees the bodies of Gary & Chris Rhoden Sr. Exact time not known


    7:49 am: Bobby Jo calls 911 Ibid.

    Audio of call

    7:53 am: PCSO Dep. Music and Dep. Chandler are dispatched to 4077 Union Hill Road in response to the 7:49 am 911 call from BJM. Ibid.

    Approx 7:55 am: Billy Jo Manley runs next door to trailer of Frankie Rhoden & Hannah Gilley. Door is locked, she hears toddler inside, asks him to open the door. She then discovers the bodies of Frankie & Hannah. She takes the children outside to her car.


    7:15 - 7:53 am: Sometime after discovering the bodies, Billy Jo Manley calls her brother James Manley. He and his son go to the home of Dana Rhoden and discover she is dead. According to his wife, James doesn't go further into Dana's home, though he can see her legs and hear a baby crying.


    8:07 am: Deputy Chandler arrived "at a neighboring residence where he was flagged down by a subject. Deputy Chandler advised that he needed multiple ambulances due to multiple down at multiple residences."

    8:12 am: Deputy Music, Deputy Ball, and Major Evans all arrived "on scene" where they were approached by [Redacted] (later revealed it was James Manley) who stated: "there are two more dead people here." [Redacted] pointed to the residence at 4077 Union Hill.

    From <OH - Pike County: 8 people from one family dead as police hunt for killer(s) #5>

    8:07 am - 8:17 am: Time of death declared for victims.

    8:21 am: PCSO request for assistance sent to BCI


    OH - Pike County: 8 people from one family dead as police hunt for killer(s) #5

    12:13 pm: at least 4 BCI Crime Scene Unit trucks are seen at the intersection of Hwy 32 and Union Hill Road headed towards the crime scenes. (Source: tweet including a photo made by Gannett Ohio reporter @saranealeigh)


    OH - Pike County: 8 people from one family dead as police hunt for killer(s) #5>

    1:26 pm Friday: Donald Stone calls 911 to report discovery of Kenneth Rhoden’s body


    Audio of call

    1:36 pm -- Ohio AG Mike DeWine issues a press release: 7 people murdered in "execution-style killings"

    1:49 pm
    - Time of death listed for Kenneth Rhoden

    Saturday, 4/23/2016

    Abt 3 - 4am - LE arrives at Bobby Jo Manley's residence to question her; 5 others also questioned


    Kenny Rhoden (cousin) calls 911 in Greenup Co, KY stating he is being chased by a green Chrysler in South Shore, KY.

    Businessman Jeff Ruby offers $25,000 reward

    Sunday, April 24, 2016

    Autopsies performed by Hamilton County Medical Examiner in Cincinnati, OH


    Thursday, April 28, 2016

    Funeral for Gary Rhoden, South Shore, KY


    Jake Wagner files for custody of Sophia, age 2, his daughter with Hanna Rhoden

    Friday, April 29, 2016

    Businessman Jeff Ruby withdraws his reward of $25,000. News reports say he was advised not to discuss the withdrawal

    Saturday, April 30, 2016 - Funeral for Hannah Gilley in Ottway, OH


    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 - Funeral for Rhoden family - Chris Sr, Dana, Frankie, Hanna, Chris Jr. and Kenneth


    Thursday, May 12, 2016

    Trailers of family members Chris Rhoden Sr, Frankie Rhoden & Kenneth Rhoden were sealed and moved to storage at Hasdell Chemical Co. in Waverly, OH. Dana Rhoden’s trailer was moved later, on Sunday, May 15.

    Friday, May 13, 2016

    PCSO/BCI conducts a video interview of Jake Wagner


    Tuesday, May 17, 2016

    AG Mike DeWine claims Rhoden family trailers and homes were moved to preserve evidence and to protect the family’s possessions that remain inside. Real property and remaining outbuildings, etc. are released to surviving family members.


    Friday, May 25, 2016

    PCSO/BCI conducts a video interview of Jake Wagner



    Friday, May 27, 2016

    Death certificates released to news media


    Times of death :

    8:07 am Chris Rhoden, Sr, Gary Rhoden
    8:11 am Frankie Rhoden, Hannah Gilley
    8:17 am Dana Rhoden, Hanna Rhoden, Chris Rhoden, Jr.
    1:49 pm Kenneth Rhoden

    Thursday, July 21, 2016

    Pike County Sheriff announces a $10,000 reward, 10 weeks late, after it was approved


    Tuesday, July, 26, 2016

    Coroner, attorney general refuse to release final autopsies in Pike County killings


    August 2016

    Jacob Wagner, father of Hanna Rhoden's older daughter, lists his family farm for sale. Location is 260 Peterson Rd, Peebles, OH

    Sometime after murders and before May 2017 raid on Wagner properties, it is determined through testing that JW is not the father of Hanna Rhoden's second child.


    Monday, August 8, 2016

    Columbus Dispatch files lawsuit against Pike County Coroner’s office saying it is improperly withholding final autopsy results.


    Friday, September 9, 2016

    PCSO/BCI conducts an audio interview with George Wagner III


    Friday, September 23, 2016

    Ohio AG releases heavily redacted final autopsy reports



    Wednesday, October 5, 2016

    PCSO/BCI conducts an audio interview with Angela Wagner



    Tuesday, February 21, 2017

    Ohio Supreme Court agrees to hear lawsuit case of Ohio newspapers seeking to view unredacted final autopsy reports


    Tuesday, March 10, 2017

    Jake Wagner's Peterson Rd house sells for %165,000

    Thursday, April 13, 2017

    PCSO/BCI conduct an audio interview with Jake Wagner


    Friday, April 21, 2017

    Rhoden family members plead with public for tips to solve murders


    Saturday, April 22, 2017

    Pike County LE place a GPS tracking device on truck owned by James Manley, brother of Dana Manley Rhoden. LE claims it was placed there because the truck was related to an aggravated murder case


    Friday, April 28, 2017

    11:35 am - James Manley finds and removes tracking device and destroys it


    Wednesday, May 3, 2017

    PCSO/BCI conducts an audio interview with Jake and Angela Wagner


    Approx. May 5, 2017

    Jacob Wagner asks ___ Brown if he can store some trailers on his property. He tells him his farm is sold and he and his brother have found good paying jobs “up north” and are moving there. He needs to move out of farm for new owners. JW drops off 3 trailers at the Brown property “a week before the search.


    Monday, May 8, 2017

    PCSO/BCI conducts audio interview with George Wagner III


    Friday, May 5 - May 12, 2017

    Sometime after dropping off 3 trailers loaded with furniture and personal possessions, Jacob Wagner and family leave the area. Later posts on FB show photos of them in a location resembling areas in Alaska or Canada.

    Friday, May 12, 2017

    Abt 11 am - PCSO, BCI, Adams County SO, Ohio Dept. of Corrections STAR and other Ohio LE agencies conduct a search at properties related to Jacob Wagner & family.

    260 Peterson Rd, Peebles, OH - farm formerly owned by Wagner's parents, where JW resided with his mother, father, brother, daughter Sophia Rhoden Wagner and daughter of his brother George.

    Unlimited Motors, St Hwy 41, Peebles, OH - Auto repair business and farm of ___ Brown, friend of J Wagner.


    Saturday, May 13, 2017

    LE team PCSO, BCI) raids Flying W Farms. Franklin County Sheriff's office assists. Franklin County claims their SWAT team accompanied the raid, saying they had an arrest warrant. FCSO later retracts the statement. A neighbor of Flying W Farms who witnessed the vehicle caravan entering and leaving the property is interviewed, claiming there was a SWAT vehicle and an ambulance present.



    From <https://www.websleuths.com/forums/t...co-oh-8-family-members-murdered.306329/page-8>

    PCSO/BCI conducts an audio interview with Angela Wagner


    Tuesday, May 16, 2017

    PCSO/BCI conduct audio interview with Angela Wagner


    June 19, 2017

    AG DeWine and Sheriff Reader make public appeal for information about Wagner family


    Thursday, December 14, 2017

    Ohio Supreme Court rules against newspapers in lawsuit to release unredacted final autopsy reports



    April 19, 2018

    Pike County Prosecutor Rob Junk says Wagner family remains the focus of the Rhoden/Gilley murder investigation


    Spring 2018

    Wagner family members return from AK to Flying W Farms and later South Webster, OH. George Wagner IV returns later, arriving before the arrests

    Per AG DeWine press conference at time of arrests

    Approx. July 2018

    Grand Jury is seated in Pike County to hear evidence and testimony in the Rhoden/Gilley murder case


    Wednesday, July 18, 2018

    Rita Jo Newcomb testifies before the Pike County Grand Jury, later charged with perjury and obstructing justice


    Tuesday, July 24, 2018

    Fredericka Wagner testifies before the Pike County Grand Jury, later charged with perjury and obstructing justice


    Wednesday, September 19, 2018

    Unredacted preliminary autopsy reports of Rhoden/Gilley victims released for viewing by news media. Complete final autopsy reports remain heavily redacted


    Tuesday, October 30, 2018

    Investigators gathered the final piece of evidence – a silencer


    Wednesday, November 7, 2018

    Lab experts completed examination of the silencer


    Monday, November 12, 2018

    Grand Jury hands down murder charges against 5 Wagner family members and Rita Jo Newcomb


    Tuesday, November 13, 2018

    Indictments filed, bringing charges against:

    George Wagner III, Angela Jo Wagner, George Wagner IV, Edward "Jake" Wagner, Fredericka Wagner and Rita Jo Newcomb. Arrests of all were made the same day



    Indictments allege George Wagner III, George Wagner IV, Angela Wagner, Jake Wagner and Fredericka Wagner plotted revenge against Ohio AG Mike DeWine and Pike County Sheriff Charles Reader


    Wednesday, November 14, 2018

    AG DeWine says custody battle was at the center of the Rhoden/Gilley murders


    George Wagner III waives extradition from KY, where he was arrested


    November 15 - December 5, 2018

    All suspects indicted in connection with Rhoden/Gilley murders arraigned on charges and plead not guilty


    Link to Pike County Clerk of Courts/Case Dockets

    For information about charges, hearing schedules, docket, etc.

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    Case Overview

    Pike County/Rhoden & Gilley Family Murders

    Victims - Murdered April 23, 2016


    3122 Union Hill Rd, Peebles, OH

    · Dana Rhoden, 37, shot 4 times in head, once under her chin

    · Hanna Mae Rhoden, 19, shot twice in the head while holding her 4 day old infant

    · Christopher Rhoden, Jr., 16, shot twice through top of head

    4077 Union Hill Rd, Peebles, OH

    · Christopher Rhoden, Sr., 42, shot 9 times in face, forearm, torso

    · Gary Rhoden, 38, shot twice in the head at close range, once in the face

    4199 Union Hill Rd, Peebles, OH

    · Hannah Gilley, 20, shot 4 times in head, once in eye; her 6 month old infant sleeping next to her

    · Clarence "Frankie" Rhoden, 20, shot twice in the head at close range

    799 Left Fork Rd, Rarden, OH

    · Kenneth Rhoden, 44, shot once through right eye

    Link to autopsy information

    Rhoden family massacre: Autopsy reports indicate one victim was awake when fatally shot

    Accused - Wagner Family


    · George W Wagner III – Father

    · Angela Jo Wanger – Mother

    · George W Wagner IV – Son

    · Edward “Jake” Wagner – Son

    o father of a child (Sophia, 4) with victim Hanna Mae Rhoden

    · Rita Jo Newcomb – Mother of Angela Jo Wagner

    · Fredericka Wagner – Mother of George W Wagner III, owner Flying W Farms, Rarden, OH

    Charges against Angela, George III, George IV and Edward “Jake” Wagner – filed November 14, 2018 22 counts

    · Aggravated Murder (8) w/ Death Penalty specifications

    · Aggravated Burglary (8) w/Death Penalty specifications

    · Conspiracy

    · Tampering with Evidence

    · Unlawful Possession of Dangerous Ordnance

    · Forgery

    · Unauthorized Use of Property

    · Interception of Wire, Oral or Electronic Communications

    · Obstructing Justice

    · Engaging in a Pattern of Corrupt Activity

    · Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a Minor (Jake Wagner only)

    Link to Indictments for above

    Charges against Fredericka Wagner and Rita Jo Newcomb – filed November 14, 2018

    · Forgery (Rita Jo Newcomb only)

    · Obstructing Justice

    · Perjury

    Link to Indictments for Rita Newcomb & Fredericka Wagner

    Link to Pike County Common Pleas Court Docket Site
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    Additional timeline courtesy of Tiff23fr:

    7/1/14 Hacking Started (Indictment)

    3/2015 Jake & HR end relationship
    8/2015 HR Pregnant (apx)
    8/2015 HR Jake planned to marry (article)
    12/15/15 Facebook Convos (AW Discovery)

    *family reports Jake and Billy argued with family over custody in weeks before murders (article)

    *Jake balked “no, I did not go to Hanna’s home three weeks prior to April 22 and kick in the door demanding she sign over custody of Sophia,” he wrote in that June 2017 email. ‘I did not want that. I wanted to continue what we were doing. It was working just fine.”
    Rhoden family massacre: Arrests throw child custody issue back to Ohio courts
    1/2016 Murder planning began (Indictment)
    2/22/16 Walmart shoe images Waverly(AW Discovery)
    3/4/16 Walmart shoe images Waverly(AW Discovery)
    3/7/16 Walmart shoe images Waverly(AW Discovery)
    3/21/16 Dana's new home purchased
    3/2016 Jake purchases recording device (JW Indictment)
    4/2/16 Walmart shoe images Coshocton (AW Discovery)
    4/3/16 “Declaration of Appoinment of Guardian in the Event if my Death or Incapacity” docs forged (RN Indictment and Discovery ‘HR, GW, and JW’)

    ?? Sophia transfer

    4/7/16 Walmart shoe images Waverly(AW Discovery)
    4/15/16 Walmart shoe images Coshocton(AW Discovery)
    4/17/16 HR gives birth
    -Walmart shoe images Coshocton(AW Discovery)
    -KR follows HR homes then turns around, others change plans as well (article)
    -C Robinson drops off minor leaves 10:30 (article)
    -DR leaves work 11 PM (article)
    4/22/16 Bodies discovered
    4/22/16 RR photo at hospital (JW Discovery)
    4/28/16 Jake files custody (article)
    5/2016 Jake receives temporary custody (article)
    5/7/2016 FW claims she purchased BPV’s (FW Motion Dismiss)
    5/12/16 Homes moved (article)
    5/13/16 Jake Interviewed (J Discovery)
    6/2016 Jake receives full legal custody (article)
    6/2/201 Angela emailed journalist C Graves regarding ‘put custody on paper (article)
    8/22/16- Peterson Rd listed for sale(Redfin link)
    9/9/16- Billy interviewed (JW Discovery)
    10/5/16- AW interviewed (JW Discovery)

    3/10/17 Peterson rd home sold (Redfin link)
    -Jake interviewed (JW Discovery)
    -one year press conf (article)
    4/22/17 GPS on JM truck (article)
    4/28/17 JM removes GPS (article)
    5/3/17 interview Angela and Jake (JW Discovery)
    Apx 5/5/17 Jake asks to leave trailers on property (says they got jobs) Note: Billy tells Conklin they are looking for jobs (articles)
    5/8/17 interview Billy (JW Discovery)
    5/5 - 5/12 Wagners go to Alaska or elude they are there
    5/5/17 Jakes phone (AW discovery)
    5/9/17 hacking ended (Indictment)
    5/12/17 Peterson Rd searches (articles)
    5/13/17 Flying W searches (2BPV's found)
    5/13/17 Interview Angela (JW Discovery)
    5/16/17 Interview Angela (JW Discovery)
    5/17/17 Jake interviewed (JW Discovery)
    5/21/17 Jake interviewed (JW Discovery)
    5/21/17 George 4 interviewed (JW Discovery)
    5/21/17 Angela interviews (JW Discovery)
    5/21/17 Billy interviewed (JW Discovery)
    6/8/17 Days Inn Trash Pull (AW Discovery)
    6/9/17 Chris Graves communication interception began (Twitter post 4/4/19 8:09 PM)
    6/23/17 (Friday) Conklin talks to Billy & Jake and states they arrived in 2 vehicles (article)
    7/7/17 30 day extension added Chris Graves interceptions
    7/2017 3 possible search warrants in Montana (1 not executed - AW Discovery)
    8/21/17 Billy's dad passes away
    9/27/17 Angela’s Amazon turned over (AW Discovery)
    11/13/17 Kendra R phone (AW Discovery)
    11/23/17 AW's dad passes away

    4/2018 Grand Jury seated (apx.)
    4/23/18 George 4 updates voter record to Oak Hill (VR)
    5/21/18 Angela updates voter record to South Webster(VR)
    7/18/18 RN testifies (RN Indictment)
    7/24/18 FW testifies (FW Indictment)
    8/5/18 Elizabeth W UIReport (AW Discovery)
    11/1/18 Additional Amazon Records received for Angela (AW Discovery)

    1/17/19 Jake truck searched (AW discovery)


    Angela Wagner




    Fredericka Wagner 2019.03.15 Moton to Dismiss Final

    Newcomb Discovery

    Mother of 3-year-old who survived Pike County shootings learns to adjust

    Alaskan meets his new neighbors: A family named in Rhoden massacre investigation



    Kendra Rhoden: I could have been the ninth victim in Pike Co. family massacre

    260 Peterson Rd, Oliver Twp, OH 45660 - 4 beds/1 bath


    updated summary courtesy of BettyP:

    OH Pike County: 8 in Rhoden Family Murdered Over Custody Issue 4 Members Wagner Family Arrested#44

    "George Wagner III, his wife Angela and their two sons, George IV and Jake, are accused of killing 8 members of the Rhoden family, living in 4 different homes in Pike County, OH. Nearly all the victims were shot at point blank range, while they slept, some with infants and toddlers sleeping nearby.

    While first thought to be drug related, Ohio's former Attorney General and current Governor, Mike DeWine says after a full investigation, the killings were the result of Jake Wagner's anger at Hannah Rhoden over custody of their 3 yr old daughter.

    Four members of the Wagner family have been arrested on murder and other charges. The grandmothers of Hannah Rhoden's daughters, Rita Jo Newcomb and Fredericka Wagner, have been arrested on charges ranging from forgery to perjury and obstruction of justice.

    So many twists and turns and Websleuths members are on top of every single thing that happens in this shocking case.

    The gruesome slayings have rattled this southeast corner of Appalachian Ohio, a region that culturally identifies more closely with neighboring Kentucky and West Virginia than the state's northern cities."
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    Please continue discussion here - remember;

    Personal opinion is fine. Theory should be based on known facts...

    PLEASE leave out the rumors even f you don't believe them.

    Thanks all!

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    PLEASE review Post #3 and keep the discussion on topic.
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    I was just reading timeline again, and you might want to see if a mod can edit November 12, 2018 to show correct information. As it stands right now, it lists all 6 being charged with murder. If it was corrected elsewhere just overlook my post. BTW, good job with timeline!
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    I'm working on updating the timeline now. We'll probably post a new one the next time we get a new thread. Most people don't read this information anyway, except for those of us who know most of the info. So it will be ok to wait until the next new thread.

    I've been working on the update all afternoon, it's going slow because the court documents are all over the place and difficult to copy to my hard drive. Not many links to court docs are being posted in the media and timelines thread.

    Maybe we should just leave the timeline and case summary as they are and not try to update them. I'm having a difficult time finding links to court docs and not getting much help. Maybe everyone wants to keep their own links and files on their own computer and that's ok.

    ETA: The document you're referencing is the Case Summary. If people click on the links below the list of names, they'll see what the charges were for each person.
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    Thanks for all of the work you have put into organizing almost 3 years and 46 Threads of over 1,000 posts each!
    It really does help especially when questions about details emerge:)
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    I read the timelines, so don’t think no one cares, I do and they are great!
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    Thanks, I'm just struggling with the court documents and how to organize and link to them. With everything else in the timeline, you can just do a google search and pull up the news story or article. Can't do that with the court docs.

    I'm looking for an early one - January 17, 2019. It was a few pages long and had a long list of evidence provided for discovery to Jake's attorney. It was the first big evidence list we saw, or one of the first. It lists many of the searches and dates.

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    Thanks! I'll post an updated one tomorrow. I found a few of the documents I was looking for that we needed for links to validate info. The court documents have a lot of information about searches, etc. I still need to upload the documents here to link to them.
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    Is this what you were looking for? I hope I’m not violating TOS. Discovery
  16. Puzzles8

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  17. Loomis124

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    Bless your heart, Betty. What can I do to help? How much space do they give you on here? Seems like it would be nice to have a folder/main thread/whatever for each of the six defendants. In those main folders, have the same info named folders. We need a filing system that makes things quick and easy to find, basically, right? Let me sleep and think on it. You do the same. I'm good at organizing.
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  18. Loomis124

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    How did you get that link to come over here? I tried.
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    Thursday, April 4th:
    *Pretrial & Motions Hearing (@ 1:30pm ET) - OH - Pike County 8 people dead: Christopher Rhoden, Sr. (40), his ex-wife, Dana Manley Rhoden (37), their three children, Clarence "Frankie" Rhoden (20), Christopher Jr. (16), Hanna Mae (19); Frankie's fiancée, Hannah Hazel Gilley (20), Christopher Rhoden Sr.'s brother, Kenneth Rhoden (44), & a cousin, Gary Rhoden (38). Hanna Rhoden's baby girl (5 days old), another baby (6 mos) and a young child (3) were unharmed. (April 21-22, 2016, Pebbles) –
    Only for
    *Edward Jacob "Jake" Wagner (26) (former boyfriend of Hanna) indicted (11/12/18), arrested (11/13/18), charged (11/15/18) & arraigned (11/27/18) with 8 counts aggravated murder, (plus gun specifications on each), 1 count conspiracy, 4 counts aggravated burglary, 1 count unlawful possession of dangerous ordnance, 3 counts evidence tampering, 1 count forgery, 1 count unauthorized use of property, 1 count interception of wire, oral or electronic communication, 1 count obstructing justice, 1 count engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity & unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. (He’s accused of engaging in sexual contact with Hanna Rhoden when she was 15 & he was 20). Plead not guilty. Held without bond.
    11/27/18: Arraignment hearing: Plead not guilty to all 23 charges. No bond per Judge. Defense asks to waive Speedy trial, granted by Judge. Next pretrial hearings on 12/20 & 1/24/19.
    12/20/18 Update: Jake may appear in street clothes but Court asked Sheriffs office to tell him what types of restraints are available for use in court. Motion to restrain Jake from discussing Case with parties not covered under gag order deferred to Jan 24,2019. Extension of time to file pretrial motions is partially granted pending Court being informed of discovery process. Next hearing on 1/24/19.
    1/24/19 Update: Defense files 5 motions (6-10). Next pretrial hearing on 4/4.
    *George Washington Wagner III – Pretrial hearing on 5/15 & Motions hearing on 9/17.
    *Angela Jo Wagner – Pretrial hearing on 5/16. Discovery hearing 9/16.
    *George Washington Wagner IV - Next pretrial hearing on 5/23.
    *Rita Jo Newcomb - Pretrial hearing on 6/14. Trial is scheduled for July 8–11.
    *Fredericka Carol Wagner – Pretrial hearing on 6/26. Trial scheduled for 7/29 thru 8/2.
  20. Betty P

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    Yes! Thank you. I couldn't find it in any of the news media Scribd files, but you did!
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