GUILTY OH - Stephen Hill for sexual battery of teens, Cincinnati, 2004

Discussion in 'Recently Sentenced and Beyond' started by Casshew, Jun 5, 2004.

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    In a ruling that bolsters the prosecution's case, a judge Tuesday denied former television investigative reporter Stephen Hill's request to bar videos he shot from his upcoming trial on molestation charges.

    About 18 videotapes -- some previously hidden in a pile of clothes in his residence -- show him performing oral sex on four teen boys and having them performing anal sex on him, police said.

    Hill, who was a member of Channel 9's I-Team for seven years, faces eight counts of sexual battery and four counts of unlawful sex with a minor, charges that could land him in prison for up to 60 years.

    Hill, 45, acted as a mentor to the teens from December 2000 to Jan. 25, when they went to the police after previously confronting him. When the teens asked him about the video camera, Hill wrote them a $2,000 check in an attempt to buy their silence, said assistant prosecutor Rick Gibson

    Defense attorney Ken Lawson had argued that the videotapes should not be allowed at the trial because the affidavit that police submitted for the search warrant had not included information that any crime had occurred at Hill's home, so any evidence seized there should not be used at trial.

    But Judge David Davis overruled Lawson's motion to bar the videotapes from the courtroom, saying the affidavit included information about a video camera concealed in a pile of clothing in Hill's residence and the victims had mentioned the use of a video recorder in phone calls to Hill.

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    Now that's my kinda Judge!

    mama :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:
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    There's a similar case in Cincinnati that I've been semi- following. Everybody loved this guy, according to the news accounts.

    WCPO reporter Stephen Hill convinced four minor boys -- three brothers and a cousin -- that a woman wanted to have sex with them, but only if they wore blindfolds and submitted to whatever "she" wanted, prosecutors said today.
    When two of the boys became suspicious and took their blindfolds off during the sexual acts, Hamilton County Prosecutor Mike Allen said today, they saw that Hill was actually the woman performing sexual acts on them, prosecutors added.
    Hill, 45, was indicted today by a Hamilton County grand jury on 12 charges -- eight counts of sexual battery and four counts of unlawful sex with a minor -- carrying a maximum prison sentence of 60 years.
    The indictment alleges he used his "temporary or occasional disciplinary control over" the teens as their mentor to abuse them.
    "Beginning in early 2003, (Hill) is alleged to have told the boys that he knew a woman named 'Dawn' who wanted to meet and have sex with them," Allen said today.
    "He told them that 'Dawn' insisted on remaining anonymous so that the boys would have to be blindfolded during the encounters and could not touch 'Dawn,' but would have to simply submit to whatever 'Dawn' did to them." ……..

    I think he is still in jail. The station fired him. If you read the rest of the story, he videotaped the encounters.
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    From October 2004:


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