OK OK - Clayburn Hammock, Washita County; 08 April 1969


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Mar 4, 2009
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Next step: Investigating for criminal activity. (Daily Elk Citian, 20 Sept.)
The Custer County Sheriff's Deputies office has worked diligently since Tuesday to find any living relatives of the suspected six individuals. The department has successfully found a relative of all six, Custer County Sheriff Bruce Peoples said.

"We were real fortunate, only one we had a real problem with," said Peoples. "Nobody knew where the residence of the individual, Clayburn Hammock, was. There were no relatives around here and nobody knew. Fortunately, his nephew saw the news. He saw the name. His name is Hammock. He called his father, because he knew his father used to live in Sayre. He provided us with a living brother of Clayburn, who was residing in a nursing home in Lawton."

Hammock, along with John A. Porter of Elk City and Nora King Duncan of Canute, are believed to have been in the 1952 Chevrolet. An old report out of Washita County led the department to this belief, said Peoples.
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I finally located Clibern or Cleburn Hammack in both the 1930 and 1940 US Federal Censuses. They were living in Bettina Township, Beckham County, Oklahoma at that time.

His parents were Claud J. Hammack and Grace G. Hammack. Clibern was born in about 1928. He had an older brother Marion who was born in about 1925, and a younger brother Hershel (still living) who was born in abt 1929.

Marion "Rattlesnake" Hammack the older brother died in 2006:

Clibern would have been about 41 at the time of the car going into the lake or reservoir.
Hammack got in touch with local authorities and said everything he told them matched up to what they knew. A DNA test has yet to be done to confirm that the remains are those of Clebern Hammack.

He was last seen in 1969 when he was leaving a fill-in job at a restaurant where Cletius Hammack's mother also worked. On the day he disappeared, they both left the restaurant at the same time.

"She got in her car. He got in a car with a man and a woman and that was the last anyone ever saw of him," Hammack said of his cousin. "He just vanished. That was it."


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