OK OK - Elijah Gersham Cravens, 30-40, Okmulgee, 1 Jan 1902

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    Missing Person / NamUs #MP9137
    Elijah Gersham Cravens

    Male, White / Caucasian

    Date of Last Contact January 1, 1902
    Missing From Okmulgee, Oklahoma
    Missing Age 30 - 40 Years
    Current Age147 - 158 Years

    Date of Last Contact January 1, 1902
    NamUs Case Created January 5, 2011
    Last Known Location Map
    Location Okmulgee, Oklahoma
    Okmulgee County

    Circumstances of Disappearance
    The MP was a farmer who lived outside of Okmulgee, OK. He left on horseback to attend a 'Woodmen of the World' meeting and was never seen again (LKA is unknown). A possible DOB of 10-20-1867 was located for the MP during genealogy searches, but is not yet confirmed as the MP's true DOB.

    The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs)
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    Never heard of this one til now!

    I just Googled "Woodmen of the World" - apparently it is a fraternal society that operates a private insurance company for its members.

    WoodmenLife - Wikipedia

    Did this perhaps have something to do with Elijah's disappearance? e.g. someone wanted him gone for his money?
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    How can we be certain of his date of disappearance? For one... I've seen that often when they're uncertain of the date a person went missing they will just throw in "Jan. 1" as a place holder. I was trying to find archived newspaper articles about him and had no luck.
    What I'm curious about is- where was this Woodmen meeting? I read archived Colorado articles talking about Woodmen of the World gatherings in Colorado that some 10,000 people would attend.
    This is probably a stretch- but- on "Jan. 1" 1912 the body of an unknown man was found.
    I figure that either year (1902 or 1912) COULD be wrong... maybe somewhere along the way a 1 accidentally replaced a 0? (or vise-versa)
    Maybe someone will have more luck than me with archived newspapers or something I haven' thought of.

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