OK OK - Judy Weichert, 33, Oklahoma City, 28 July 1984

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    On July 28, 1984, Judy Weichert got up early and went jogging; she was training for a marathon. Hours later, a passerby found her by the side of the road. She had been raped, stabbed 38 times in the chest and neck, and yet was miraculously still alive. One report says that she was able to describe her attacker to police before she died in surgery later that day. (Thirty-eight stab wounds and yet clung to live...amazing.)

    Her husband was immediately cleared; the case went unsolved.

    While investigating a rape two years later, police developed the theory that the alleged attacker in that rape, Jeffrey Todd Pierce, was a suspect in Weichert's attack. This was based on the Pierce's rare blood type, hair evidence, a knife and his resemblance to the man Weichert described as her attacker. This was before DNA evidence was used.

    However, the hair evidence was tainted in the rape case...15 years after his conviction in the rape case, prosecutors learned neither Pierce's semen nor his hair match the evidence obtained from the crime scene.

    And since they had based their interest in him for the Weichert murder on the hair and blood evidence being similar that of the evidence in the rape case, he very likely is not the killer of Judy Weichert.

    The question remains...who killed Judy Weichert in such a violent attack?
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    suspect's description in 1984


    I sure hate to see this one go unsolved for so long after she fought so hard to live.

    He would be in his mid 50's today, was around Oklahoma City in July 84 and had access to a faded blue VW beetle.

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