OK OK - Leah Johnson (18), Sayre, 20 Nov 1970

The Camaro was found with all four windows rolled down and appeared to have entered the water backwards.

Whoa.. all the windows were down? That's weird...

(that's from the CNN article)
Video shows CNN is wrong.
Leah was very pretty and certainly deserved more mention than "an Indian girl".

Has any of her family stepped forward?
The one good picture that I've found of her


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Another recent article about Leah. Her cousin's wife, who was close to her in age, talks about her.


She and her husband may have been the last people to see Leah alive

Bison, who was 22 at the time, was with husband Gideon, when the couple saw the 17-year-old Sayre High School student. They called over to her and Johnson's friend, Debbie.

"She said she was waiting for Jimmy to pick her up," remembers Bison, who described Johnson as a sweet teenager and dating Jimmy Allen Williams, a fellow classmate.

"She was always giggling and always smiling," said Bison remembering Johnson. "She was very sweet."
Bison said she remembers Johnson often coming to her for advice about her relationships. Johnson was dating Williams, but it was a secret relationship because Johnson's parents would not approve of her dating a non-Native American.

"They were having fun, being boyfriend and girlfriend," said Bison who remembers hearing stories from Johnson about how she and Jimmy and other teenagers would take drives all around the county and into nearby towns on weekend nights.

Great article. It has a photo of her in Native American costume.

This photo shows how pretty she was. There is a color version of the nice photo EmmaliLucia posted at the Daily Elkcitian (same article as this photo).

I read her friends 'thought of her as an Indian princess', turns out that is because she really was the princess of the Cheyenne Nation.

R.I.P. dear Leah.
Just FYI: Leah and Thomas are both still listed as missing persons on NamUs. Still waiting on DNA results nine months later?
Did anyone save the article from the dailyelkcitian because that link no longer works.

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