OK OK - Tracey Neilson, 21, Moore, 5 January 1981

Why don’t they look into the sorority sister a little bit further? They know the coincidences surrounding it being her birthday ... and how someone who gets stabbed that many times would have had to have had it out for that person. Definitely not random. This chick’s alibi is not solid and has changed a few times. She was supposed to meet Tracey at noon for lunch, but didn’t. Someone who is obsessed with someone doesn’t miss lunch with them. And about that number in the ticket book. 143 can also mean “I love you” .... I think the ticket book otherwise is insignificant.
Omg I have been saying the same thing I live close to Moore ok and I have always thought it was the sorority sister!!
The Moore Police Department responded to the scene and began the investigation, then the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation started assisting them the next day. Despite appeals to the public for help and a thorough investigation that spanned over four decades with thousands of leads followed, the case is still cold.
In 2015, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation shared previously unreleased information about a cable ticket book, according to KFOR. The last ticket in the book showed an appointment at Tracey’s apartment at 11:51 a.m. on the day she died. Given that nobody heard from her after that approximate time, that appears to be a significant clue. However, in the corner of the book where an employee’s name should be, there are only three letters, and investigators weren’t able to figure out the owner of the ticket book. The repairman has yet to be identified.

A keychain with the victim’s name, Tracey, was missing from the crime scene, reported the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. Detectives think the killer may have taken it as a “trophy”.

“People’s relationships change over time. If anyone, a former girlfriend or ex-wife, might recognize it and knew that it was taken from a crime scene, it could provide the lead we need,” Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Francia Thompson told PEOPLE.

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