OK OK, Veronica Butler 27 & Jilian Kelley 39, Vehicle Abandoned, Texas County, 30 Mar 2024 #2 *Arrests*

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Ita, that's one possibility !

Did TA hold something over them from a past crime ?
My .02 is that a person doesn't go from maybe petty theft or whatever, to slaughtering two people.
No matter what a person has in their past --many would balk at murdering/dismembering/burying -- depending on the condition of Veronica's and Jillian's remains.
How evil or hardened does a person have to be to go along with this ?

TA's 'reign of terror' (imo) over Veronica and possibly TA's son, is finished.
I feel so badly for the young kids of Veronica's and for the husband & family members of Jillian's.
Really good questions.

I think most folks will draw a firm line at murder, even if it's for a dear friend.

But, sometimes I think similarities attract and maybe the four of them were pretty much on the same page when it came to dealing with problems. I think a Hatfield/McCoy mindset can develop in the absence of common sense and education. And, some people feel so very attacked by anyone who doesn't agree with them. They tend to group with people of like mindsets.

TA was a big fish in a tiny pond, but being her friend and ally might have come with some perks -- who knows?

But, I don't think the Twombly's thought it through. They might have believed TA's stories and felt they were doing what had to be done to protect the children, but they didn't expect a pastor's wife to suddenly appear. When they found out who they'd killed -- I'm guessing regret set in. Big time.

Hopefully, we'll eventually learn the whole story, because I looked at their Facebook pages, and they seemed like nice people. Yet, they chose to do something very, very bad. Did they even consider what would happen if they got caught?

So flipping sad on so many fronts.
Late coming to this thread. I've been trying to catch up with the details. Thanks to the ladyrancher for her comments in the article. Horrified by these four suspects taking matters into their own hands.

Apr 14th, 2024, 11:12 am

UPDATED: 17:33 EDT, 13 April 2024
20 law enforcement vehicles and the SWAT team arrived to arrest them. Talk about “send in the Calvary”!
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