OK OK, Veronica Butler 27 & Jilian Kelley 39, Vehicle Abandoned, Texas County, 30 Mar 2024 #3 *Arrests*

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I would guess his actual involvement was fairly low level or he backed out but he has a lot of information. Perhaps a deal was cut to not charge him in exchange for him spilling allllllllll the beans on the others. I don't think any deal would be made if he was very involved. Just guessing, because it's strange that he was not arrested.
Yeah, I think that’s most likely. Maybe the clock was in his favor too, as they would have wanted to secure those kids as soon as possible.

So that could have factored in with an even more generous deal.
I really have to praise the Texas County Sheriff in Oklahoma. They were first LE on the scene of the abandoned car. Sheriff Matt Boley contacted OSBI within hours! Great job handing it over!
Yeah, when these cases get screwed up, it’s frequently due to mistakes made early on by agencies that are out of their depth. There’s no way some small department could handle this, and they knew it.
TA bought 5 stun guns.
Doesn't mean PG agreed to use it or did use it. Just means TA planned on one more being involved in her little "mission" We don't know if he was the 5th or if he actually participated. If he did I hope he faces charges. But LE seems to be saying they don't think there will be more charged so I have to believe there is a reason for that.
I want to hug the teenage daughter. I don’t know how you get to the place in life that her mother was but by sharing it with her daughter was abusive and evil. It may have been a form of intimidation by letting the daughter know and see evidence of what happened so she would be scared and not talk. How do you put your child in that position?
Fortunately the daughter was wise enough to realize that as long as this bunch was walking free, at any one given moment she could meet the same fate.
But I’m just confused as to why even go if all that was thought to be needed.
My guess is that it was a precaution she would have followed in any custody drop but that there weren’t enough signs on her end to fully not go/or maybe other precautions were in place to feel comfortable like talking to her husband or sharing location (fully speculating).
I got on a little while ago . I don't even know what to say ?
These "religious" groups need to be abolished . SOME HOW !!
Anyone that thinks they're above the law need to be abolished .
The planning that went into this is unreal !
Let's start getting loud and LISTEN to victims when they speak , when they ask for ANY kind of help. Veronica asked the judge a while ago for protection. Let's listen and take action .
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