OR OR - Howard Kley, 53, Coos Bay, 26 Jan 1966

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    Missing Age53 Years
    Current Age106 Years
    First Name Howard
    Middle NameFrederick
    Last NameKley

    Race / EthnicityWhite / Caucasian
    Height5' 6" - 5' 8" (66 - 68 Inches)
    Weight170 - 180 lbs
    Date of Last ContactJanuary 26, 1966
    NamUs Case CreatedSeptember 5, 2018
    Last Known Location Map
    LocationCoos Bay, Oregon
    CountyCoos County
    Circumstances of DisappearanceHoward Kley, a resident of San Francisco, CA, was in Coos Bay, OR for business when he was last seen. He had dinner with work associates and was supposed to meet up with them again the next morning but never arrived. He was last seen in the Starlight room in the Chandler Hotel in Coos Bay around midnight on Wednesday, January 26, 1966, early morning hours of Thursday, January 27th. In the hotel where he was staying, his luggage was in the room but the bed was never slept in.
    Physical Description
    Hair ColorBrown
    Head Hair DescriptionFull head of dark brown hair, turning salt/pepper gray, fringing gray at the temples
    Body Hair Description--
    Facial Hair Description--
    Left Eye ColorBlue
    Right Eye ColorBlue
    Eye DescriptionWore reading glasses when needed for reading
    Distinctive Physical Features
    Severe scar on left thumb running into the hand

    Black spot on lower lip, off center but unknown which side

    Skin lesions on his face that had been burned off, on temple and just below the bridge of his nose where the eyeglasses sit, unknown which side

    Other distinctive physical characteristic
    Previous broken left index finger - injury healed but left a divot where his knuckle had been

    Clothing and Accessories
    Smoked short Chesterfields, occasionally L&M cigarettes

    Wore a wrist watch on his left wrist, it was his 25 year anniversary watch from Shell Oil corporation and may have been inscribed with his name, Shell Oil, and dated 1958; it may have been gold in color with a white/ivory face.

    Missing Person Case
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    Howard Frederick Kley – The Charley Project

    Howard Frederick Kley
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    Kley, circa 1966

    • Missing Since01/26/1966
    • Missing FromCoos Bay, Oregon
    • ClassificationEndangered Missing
    • Age53 years old
    • Height and Weight5'6 - 5'8, 170 - 180 pounds
    • Clothing/Jewelry DescriptionA gray suit, a blue and white striped shirt, and a gold watch with an ivory face on his left wrist. The watch is a 25th anniversary watch given to Kley by the Shell Oil Corporation and is engraved with Kley's name, the words "Shell Oil" and the year 1958.
    • Distinguishing CharacteristicsCaucasian male. Graying brown hair, blue eyes. Kley has previously broken his left index finger; as a result, that finger is crooked and has a divot in the knuckle. He has a large scar on his left thumb running onto the hand and a black spot on his lower lip. He had skin lesions on his temple and the bridge of his nose, which were burned off prior to his disappearance. Kley smoked cigarettes at the time of his disappearance; he preferred short Chesterfields but sometimes smoked L&M ones.
    Details of Disappearance
    Kley, a senior engineer for Shell Oil, was on a business trip when he went missing on January 26, 1966. He and two business associates had stopped in Coos Bay, Oregon en route to Seattle, Washington.

    Kley and three of his business associates checked into the Dunes Motel on Bayshore Drive, had dinner at the Skyroom Restaurant. When his coworkers were ready to go back to the motel, Kley told them he would be along later. He was last seen talking to several women.

    He was supposed to meet his coworkers in the morning so they could drive to Seattle, but he never showed up. His luggage was left behind in his hotel room and the bed hadn't been slept in. His coworkers paid for his hotel room for another day and went to Seattle without him, figuring he would make his way there alone. He has never been heard from again.

    At the time of his disappearance, Kley had two grown daughters and lived with his wife in the 1100 block of Upper Happy Valley Road in Lafayette, California. His family stated he had no history of mental illness. His case remains unsolved.
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    Just off the top of my head. Did Howard know these women? I am thinking that one of them could have invited him back her hotel room, or apartment and they had an affair. An angry husband/boyfriend finds out, maybe catches them in the act, Howard is beaten and killed. Body is washed away and disposed of, likely in water at night. Making Howard "Vanish without a trace." That's the first thing that comes to mind.


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