OR OR - Maya Sanders, 29, scarf located on Riverwalk, Astoria, 12 Mar 2019 *disabilities, in danger*

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    Ground search suspended for missing woman last seen on Astoria Riverwalk
    In an update from Astoria 911 Dispatch Thursday morning, officials said several tips about Sanders were received Wednesday. One of the tips confirmed that she was spotted on the North Tongue Point industrial area around 3 p.m. Tuesday.


    Ground search was suspended Friday, but crews do have plans to return to the area to conduct shoreline searches.

    No new discoveries in search for missing Astoria woman
    The Clatsop County Marine Patrol will continue searching the area over the next couple weeks.
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    The houses and the bowling alley, as well as the museum building where Mikey’s dad worked in the movie, are all in Astoria, and are still there, (though one of the homes if NOT open to tourists).
    The outdoor sequences of Goonies were actually filmed 26 miles South of Astoria, at Ecola State Park's Cannon Beach (bonus: scenes from Point Break and Twilight were filmed there too). It is very beautiful and rugged.
    The rock that the Goonies use to navigate the map is an infamous sea stack that's known as Haystack Rock which is in Cannon Beach Oregon. It should be pretty easy to spot, as its one of the world's tallest sea stacks. (we used to vacation there). It’s even further south of Ecola State Park.
    Astoria though is a very beautiful little town. I hope Maya found her final peace there.

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