Owner Says Dog Found Her Cancer

Discussion in 'News that makes you smile!' started by mysteriew, Nov 11, 2005.

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    Withers said her dog, Myles, was not afraid to speak up when he thought something was wrong. He did it over and over again to her, reported WCAU-TV in Philadelphia.

    "He would jump up and forcefully put his nose right into my arm area, and he would be flipping my arm up, and he would jab me toward my breast and underneath my arm," Withers said. "Then he would bark and bark in a frantic-sounding way."

    After six weeks of this routine, Withers began to wonder if something was wrong.

    "I started feeling around, and I felt this bead. It felt like a pearl, like a hard pearl, and so it alarmed me," Withers said. "A day or so later, I went to have a mammogram and I was diagnosed with breast cancer."
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    I have seen shows on dogs detecting cancer.. but they are trained for it, not just doing it naturally.

    It makes a lot of sense that they can smell something that is not right. Interesting story.

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