Owner wants compensation after dog hurt while chasing cat

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    A Woman in Brighton, UK, is asking for £5,000 (about $8,500) compensation from town authorities after her dog hurt its back chasing a cat. She's blaming the accident on uncut grass, not the cat or dog, and says she's not working so can't pay for the surgery the King Charles Spaniel, Scooby, now needs.

    '....Rebecca Richardson, 48, and her partner Steven are blaming the accident on the long, uncut grass in front of their home in Brighton, East Sussex.

    She added: "If the council doesn't help us out then I will have to ask members of the public for help."

    Vet Marc Abraham, from Brighton, said: "A slipped disc is a very serious condition, often requiring specialist treatment.

    "It's incredibly rare and unlucky for this type of injury to occur in this manner."


    ‘I was walking my dog and when we got close to my home, he noticed a cat and chased after it,’ she said.
    ‘He chased the cat up a bank and caught his leg in the grass and now he has a slipped disc. Surgery will cost around £5,000.'

    I feel really sorry for the pooch. It's unfortunate the owner didn't have insurance.....or a local didn't cut the grass she says residents had been complaining about for a month. I daren't look at the comments under the Mail article.


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    I guess the dog was not on a leash... poor doggie, if he really is hurt, but I think this gal will waste everyone's time and money, and the council just might settle to get rid of her.
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    Poor Scooby. Maybe she can start an online $$$.

    If people will give to a woman who left her children in a hot car while interviewing for a job, surely they will donate to this innocent pup.

    Or maybe a vet can offer a reduced bill on the surgery?

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