Identified! PA - Bensalem, WhtFem 461UFPA, 20-30, pregnant, in pumphouse, Jan'88 - Lisa Todd

I submitted this through the doe network 2 years ago. They said the match was already submitted by someone else. You can reach out to Rocky Wells there or contact the administrators on NAMUS.
Perfect! Thank you joeytes! When I get an answer I'll let you know. Sorry for my ignorance I usually work current cases so I'm fumbling in the dark here. ;)

I was really curious about the circumstances of this Jane Doe. What strikes me is that she was pregnant, so young and not reported missing. I've also noted the comments about her possibly being discarded by husband/ boyfriend and not reported because they didn't want caught.

I stumbled across the case of Erica Franolich. What if her family is missing her, but they didn't know she was pregnant when she went missing. I might be mistaken but it seems like she was recent transplant to the NY area. This case strikes me because she wasn't reported missing until several months after she was last seen. I don't see that she has been added to the rule outs list.


Any thoughts?
Absolutely. I also noticed a strong similarity in third reconstruction and the third, farther away photos of Erica.

I am really new to the site, I apologize that I haven't mastered snagging these pictures quite yet.
Just throwing this out there--there are multiple Franolichs on Facebook who currently live VERY close to Bensalem and also have ties to New York. I wouldn't be surprised if they're all somehow related to her husband. (Did I read that she was living with her husband and his brother when she went missing?)
That is really interesting. My thought is whoever put our Doe here, knew the area and probably knew that she wouldn't be found right away. If she were a prostitute or the like, I doubt there would be that much thought put into where she was discarded.

I understand Erica Franolich (formerly Poprafsky) left Michigan earlier that summer to follow her husband Richard. Apparently their relationship was on the rocks and she wanted to try to mend it. She then moved in with her husband and his brother in Middleburgh, NY. Of course the pregnancy is the biggest piece really. But if she had not seen her family since the beginning of the Summer it's possible that she got pregnant in the meantime (maybe this was part of the plan to get him back?). The timing on this case is interesting. I gather that was due to a lack of cooperation on the part of her husband and brother in law, possibly stressed relations between the two families. Erica's sister reported her missing in February of 1986.

I've also been struck by the clothes on/with this Doe. They initially seemed really haphazardly thrown in there. But maybe they were intentionally different or more risqué. It would also open the door to "another woman" scenario with the different shoe sizes.

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That's a very interesting lead... She seemed like she was a bit pudgy as her photo and weight/height indicates - she could have successfully hidden a six-month pregnancy depending on how much she was showing (read other ladies' posts on here concerning not showing much at six months).

The thing that gets me is that she was on her way home on the greyhound bus from visiting the friend in Pennsylvania... Specific location of PA not mentioned at link. Makes me suspicious. However, she was indeed last seen in St. Louis and I suppose they were able to track the phone call she made to her family from the St. Louis area. Also, the fact that her purse was recovered at the truck stop cafe, makes it seem likely that the individual (perhaps a trucker) snatched her from around that location. (A lot of these cases with females seem to involve truckers... Moral of the story: if you are a woman and are traveling, do not trust truckers!) It is entirely possible that if it was a trucker, he could have transported the body all the way to Pennsylvania, where she'd coincidentally been traveling from. That, or the body was dumped in St. Louis/the surrounding area, or a completely different area/state. If it was a trucker used to traveling across the country, I wouldn't rule it out completely. Another interesting thing about this connection is the clothing. At the link you shared, Deborah is said to have been into the latest fashion trends and liked wearing stylish clothes. Our Jane Doe fits the bill on that count; plus, if Deborah had a small duffel bag in addition to the single piece of luggage that arrived in LA, it could have contained the multiple shoes/articles of clothing found with the skeletal remains at the distillery. A lot of the time, while traveling, a person will put dirty clothes or a second pair of shoes in a separate bag in their luggage. If she had a suitcase with fresh clothes or toiletries, she may have wanted to keep her dirty clothes in a smaller, separate piece of luggage. It doesn't say how many pieces of luggage she decamped with initially.
Marking my place here so I can find it easier. I hadn't seen previously that some comparisons were being made to Erica on this thread so I want to look at the thread further when I have more time.
Full list of rule outs as of 27 August 2017:
  • Katherine Anderson 1954 Maryland
  • Kimberly Blackburn 1958 Indiana
  • Tracy Byrd 1968 Pennsylvania
  • Bernadette Caruso 1963 Maryland
  • Susan Cerritelli 1956 Pennsylvania
  • Evelyn Davis 1962 Ohio
  • Gina Hall 1962 Virginia
  • Marchelle Hansen 1964 Wisconsin
  • Charlotte Heimann 1954 New York
  • Christine Huyer 1960 Florida
  • Anne Manchester 1954 Delaware
  • Amy Matthews 1959 Pennsylvania
  • Monique McClelland Unknown Pennsylvania
  • Launa Merritt 1966 New York
  • Mary Opitz 1963 Florida
  • Linda Peterson 1949 Utah
  • Deborah Post 1961 Massachusetts
  • Michele Reidenbach 1964 Pennsylvania
  • Leichia Reilly 1963 New York
  • Susan Reidling 1967 Kentucky
  • Deanna Saccone 1967 California
  • Patricia Schmidt 1964 Virginia
  • Barbara Shumac 1953 Pennsylvania
  • Esther Valdez 1967 New Mexico
  • Karen Wilson 1963 New York
Possibly Diana Miller Diana Lynn Miller – The Charley Project? She has been missing from Emporium Borough, Pennsylvania (approximately 278 miles from Bensalem, PA) since June 1986. She reportedly was last seen at a party near an event taking place in the area. At the time of her disappearance she was 23 years old, had blonde hair, blue eyes, was 5'5"-6" tall (slightly over the estimate for BJD but within three inches), and weighed 115-125 pounds. No mention of her being pregnant at the time of her disappearance but I think it's possible that she may have initially left on her own accord.
This is my first post, so please forgive any error or oversights. In looking at the picture on NAMUS of the UID's black top, I notice what appear to be two shotgun shells. One black and one red. Can anyone else confirm that that is what they appear to be? I don't see any information on suspected cause of death, and am curious if they are considered relevant to the UID.
As an aside, I can't see Anne L Riggin, (missing from Harrisburg PA, May 1982) as a rule-out for the UID (I did join NAMUS so that I could see rule-outs.) While the timeframe puts Anne a year-shy from the earliest listed time in the UID's file, her height and hair color seem to match. Though from the lone picture I could find of Anne, there isn't much resemblance to the UID... then again, the several reconstructions of the UID don't seem to look like each other, either. There is very little info on Anne on the web, and most of the exclusions on Anne's file appear to be from Virginia, so perhaps there is an unpublished reason to suspect that she may have ended up there. Any thoughts?
As an aside, I can't see Anne L Riggin, (missing from Harrisburg PA, May 1982) as a rule-out for the UID (I did join NAMUS so that I could see rule-outs.)
respectfully snipped

Anne Riggin was submitted as a possible match years ago, early 2007, back when Tracy Byrd seemed like a sure thing for the Publicker girl and Frank Bender thought she was Jeannette Tambe. It was submitted to both Bensalem PD and the PA State trooper who had the case at the time. Neither of the troopers listed on Anne's NamUs entry are the trooper I spoke with years ago.

I can't find an email anywhere on a ruling for this but dentals would have been used and, perhaps, Anne's previously fractured collarbone.

The last I knew (NamUs case report printed on 2/15/12) there was no DNA sample available for Anne. Hindsight being 20/20, I wish I'd printed out a new case file for Anne before NamUs 2.0 kicked into gear. If her DNA status has changed, I don't know.

It certainly wouldn't hurt for you to submit this to NamUs. A confirmation of a rule-out would at least get Anne's name added to the exclusions list.

I can't find an email anywhere on a ruling for this but dentals would have been used and, perhaps, Anne's previously fractured collarbone.


I overlooked the collarbone. My mistake. Thank you for correcting me.

Will submit to NAMUS to verify the previous rule-out... as soon as I figure out how.

I got a quick reply from NAMUS:

"Unfortunately, we can't comment on any case details or specifics that are not viewable to the public in NamUs."

Don't know what to make of that.

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