PA - Natalia Andreevna Miller, 18, murdered, South Middleton Twp, 10 Dec 1993

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    Natalia Andreevna Miller

    The victim was located on December 10, 1993 in South Middleton Township, Pennsylvania. She was identified in December 2004 as Natalia Andreevna Miller, a Russian citizen.

    Police used the Combined DNA Index System to match male DNA samples found on Miller's body to samples from a Rochester, N.Y., man registered in the system for sexual crimes. Theodore John Solano, was charged with criminal homicide in December 2004.

    Solano allegedly said he met a Russian woman of that description in 1993 near Washington, D.C., and married her so she could stay in the country. Solano did marry Miller on June 4, 1993, in Alexandria, Va. Evidence in Solano's home led them to her name.

    Police tracked down a host family Miller had lived with near Washington, D.C. and they provided the names of her parents, who live in Russia and had been searching for their daughter there, provided DNA samples that confirmed Jane Doe was indeed Natalia Miller. She was born Feb. 22, 1975, in Leningrad.

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