PA - Rebekah Byler, 23, mother & six months pregnant, murdered, Crawford County, 26 Feb 2024 *Arrest*

I haven't found exact ages but at least one is old enough to operate a scooter. What would that be, four maybe five?
Edit: She's only 23. the kids can't be much older than maybe seven or eight?
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I know nothing about Amish life or that area admittedly…but surely that jeep had to have passed the nearest gas station? Or convenience store? Where is the nearest shop or gas station? A few miles away?

That’s very bold of someone with a red jeep to strike during the middle of the day, regardless of the lack of cameras.

My guess is this woman was targeted either bc a prowler was waiting for an opportunity to take advantage of a vulnerable person, or it’s someone with a personal grudge.

I assume the children weren’t harmed…albeit traumatized. I wonder if they’re old enough to identify the murderer. Or if they were shut away in a room/in another part of the house?

If they were too young to call for help or to know how to run next door, that makes sense…or perhaps too petrified. Poor babies. I feel so badly for this family and community.
My guess is that her two children were rather young. Amish women where I am from in PA usually marry at about 18 or 19, so I don’t think they’d be much older than toddlers/preschoolers.

The scooter shown at the house might have belonged to someone who came to the house after the tragedy was discovered. Where I live, Amish people of all ages use scooters for individual transportation. That one does look smaller than some, but it might not belong to the family.

Jennifer Borrasso -TV News


Pregnant amish woman, 23, found dead inside her Crawford County home which is 25 miles southeast of Erie,Pa Monday State Police say.

Police identified the victim as Rebekah Byler. They tell me she suffered gun shot wounds.

And that her two kids home at the time were not harmed.

Police have not identified any suspects or made any arrests.

Autopsy pending.

The public is being asked to report any suspicious persons, vehicles, or activity in the area of Fish Flats Road to the Corry barracks at 814-663-2043.

KDKA-TV | CBS Pittsburgh
I don't think devout Amish girls tend to have a string of exes.

I think maybe this is sexually motivated, but not because of a former relationship. I think this might be a predator who fixated on her or possibly chose her at random, watching the home and striking when her husband was gone.

Unless you lived or worked out in that area, you're not going to be out there - JMO. Public records state she and her husband purchased the home in October last year.


They were looking for clues to the horrors that took place on Monday inside the residence on Fish Flats Road in Sparta Township, where authorities said a relative and a family friend returned home to find 23-year-old Rebekah A. Byler dead.
'Buncha good people everyone seems to get along with them. Everyone is just stunned. Nobody could even imagine that this kind of stuff is going on,' local resident Randy Eaton told WJET-TV.

'It's definitely shameful that anything like this could go on here. There's not a person who's not concerned. Everyone is surprised.'

'We're just a very tight-knit community and I'm absolutely heartbroken that this has happened. I'm very very concerned about the Amish community I'm worried for them,' said the owner of Spartansburg Pharmacy, Charleen Hajec.

'This is very shocking, very shocking, and especially to not know what happened and what's going on, but it's just very very shocking,' Hajec added.

Police at the scene. The Pennsylvania State Police said they are investigating Byler's death as a homicide, uncommon in parts of Erie region with a large Amish population

Police at the scene. The Pennsylvania State Police said they are investigating Byler's death as a homicide, uncommon in parts of Erie region with a large Amish population

Schick also confirmed that a friend of the Byler family made the call to 911.

When speaking with the public in the area, some asked to remain anonymous. One said the events of Feb. 26 are, “Devastating for our little community.”

Another expressed disbelief, saying, “I don’t understand how this could happen here.”

Still another said, “I’m afraid to be alone. I sure hope the police find out who did this really quick.”

When township resident Terry Proper heard the news, he called his girlfriend.

“I was shocked at the news,” Proper said. “I called my girlfriend, and she made sure all the doors and windows at her house were locked.”

Spartansburg Borough resident Elaina Brown said she’s worried that the perpetrator might commit another crime.

“It’s scary not knowing the motive,” Brown said. “Why did he do it? Is he going to do it again?”
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According to Amish America, “With 53 total settlements, Pennsylvania leads the nation in number of Amish communities.” Crawford County, where Byler died, also has a significant Amish community, according to the site.

“Crawford County is remarkable for being the county containing the greatest number of individual Amish communities, with a total of 7 as of 2008,” Amish America reports. “Significant settlements in this county include the community at Atlantic (1924, 6 districts), Spartansburg (1966, 9 districts), and Conneautville (1969, 3 districts).” The “oldest and best known” Amish community in Pennsylvania is located in Lancaster County, however, according to Amish America

A relative and a family friend discovered her body in the living room around noon on Monday. They also found her two young children in the home, unharmed, The Meadville Tribune reported, citing prosecutors and the coroner.

Schick said an autopsy Tuesday has provided evidence including when she was killed.
"Details of the autopsy will not be released at this time in order to maintain the integrity of the active investigation," Coroner Eric Coston wrote in a news release issued early Wednesday afternoon.

Two young children, toddlers, were also home at the time but were not injured, according to state police.

There was no evidence that anything was taken from the house, Lt. Mark Weindorf, crime section supervisor for state police Troop E in Lawrence Park Township, said Wednesday.

Byler's cousin Rosanna posted to Facebook asking friends to pray for her.

'I'm in shock! I can't believe it! Where they live in PA is a rural area!' wrote the Rogers, Ohio woman. 'I grew up about 20 miles from there and would go down to that area all the time.'

Corry Beverage Inc., a convenience store based in nearby Corry, posted a call for information to social media.

'Please take a few moments and try to recall your day if you were in that area,' the business wrote.
Would a 4 Yr old Amish boy know what sneakers are, or even recognise that they were wrong though? Especially if he just saw his mother murdered.
I think he could maybe describe the color or the pattern, i.e. the shoes being blue or striped. Now if this person wore solid black sneakers or similar shoes, the kid may not be able to discern they're an "English" type of shoe. They wouldn't stand out as much.
Several sources told me that the Amish do indeed wear "English" shoes, which could include sneakers. They are acceptable as long as they are practical for their work and lifestyle.
Yes, that is true, in my experience. Except for young people who do wear some brighter sneakers with contrasting stripes, Amish men and women often wear plain black sneakers.
Ugh this reminds me of that awful case from Lancaster County where the guy just randomly picked up the Amish girl and murdered her. So sad. MOO
Me too. I was so overcome by that one...I had to drive out there to pay respects. I remember, over a single night, they had taken the whole school house down and planted greens and was so moving.

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