Patient Winner Waits a Year to Claim $23 Million

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    TORONTO (Reuters) - A Canadian who waited nearly a year to claim a C$30 million ($23 million) lottery prize because he didn't want to "do anything rash" was being described as the most patient man in the country on Friday.

    Raymond Sobeski won the biggest single jackpot in Canadian history last April but only stepped forward to claim his prize a mere 12 days before the ticket's expiry date.

    "It was the first time that a winner's waited this long," said Kathy Pittman, a spokeswoman for the Ontario Gaming and Lottery Corp. "We thought it must be lost because how can someone sit on it for this long?

    "After meeting him, it's perfectly clear to me. He is a gentleman who takes his time, care and caution to make any decision. He's a very patient, laid-back man."

    The 47-year-old self-employed computer repairman tucked the winning ticket away in a safety deposit box -- not even telling his family -- and got to work putting his affairs in order.

    Story from Yahoo News
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    TORONTO---When Canada's newest millionaire revealed himself to the media
    on Thursday, he was all smiles. Raymond Sobeski waited almost a year
    before claiming his $30 million - now there may be an explanation.

    When Sobeski collected the largest single jackpot in Canadian history,
    the information about his personal life was scant. He's single and
    he's 47-years-old. "I have a mother and father, and I have siblings
    also," he said.

    When asked if there was anyone special in his life he said, "No,
    just family."

    But other aspects of Sobeski's life have surfaced. There are unconfirmed
    reports he has been twice married, and is the father of two children. The
    latest marriage ended in divorce just a few months before cashing in on
    his lottery win.

    Family law lawyer Linda Silver Dranoff says that might have an impact on
    his winnings. "We require full disclosure when there is a divorce
    settlement," she said, "and if he didn't give full disclosure he'll have
    to pay the pipe now, if he didn't pay it a year ago."

    The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation makes security checks on
    lottery winners. It also checks with the Family Responsibilities Act to
    see if there are arrears in child or spousal support.

    A spokesperson for the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation said "any
    amount owing would have been taken out of his winnings. Raymond Sobeski
    was paid his full $30 million."

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    The ONLY reason he was PATIENT is that he was trying to divorce his wife first and in doing that, he thought she would not get any money. Her lawyer says different and they were married and together when he "won". Sorry Raymond, you won't win that case.

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