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Does anyone know if HD's wife was investigated? Or why he was so frantically trying to get in touch with Tara? If the wife found out about the alleged affair, she certainly had motive and he could have been trying to warn Tara. Tara probably would have gone with her too.
Boom. This case has tortured me for years now. I often think about it and who could and couldn't be responsible for her disappearance. I always assumed that MH was a good candidate obviously, much like most people have. Lets look at this closely and speculate for a minute. HD pulls in to tell Tara to get in real quick to get her out of her house by telling her that his wife knows and is coming to confront her. Tara and HD may have entertained the idea of them leaving the area together for good and being together, leaving his family behind. Tara only went with him so quickly because HD told her that his wife was right behind him on her way to confront her. They needed to get out of there and go for a ride. She knew at this point that she couldn't have MH and would have been emotionally fragile. HD already knows that this has to end one way or another so he knows what he is actually planning to do, and where he will be taking her. He also knows how the investigation will go down and what LE always look for. He gets rid of Tara in whatever premeditated way he had planned where she would theoretically never be found. The rest is a well orchestrated plot to make it appear as though he is completely unconnected. The excessive calls, calling her mother, leaving his card etc... knowing that this would make him appear to not be a suspect. He has a lot to lose after all. Not so much the marriage but most likely the kids are the reason he is concerned. He also knows all about MH and how rocky their relationship has been. He knows MH will be the number one suspect. He knows that this will take most of the heat off of him for a little while at least. The glove is a plant. The money is unrelated that was left in the car. No one believes he could be a part of it due to their history with him. He is an officer of the law right? Ask any LEO how rampant cheating on their spouse is. Cops cheat all of the time. That is a fact. They also know how to get away with murder or making someone disappear, because they know exactly what other cops are going to look for. He passes the polygraph either with help or he has been coached over the years. He is no stranger to them. We obsess over this case for years and the answer might be really simple. This is obviously just an opinion. Not a lot of other options seem to work this well IMHO. Did he have access to a black truck? Did he do this alone? He did an excellent job covering his tracks but everything eventually comes out in a small town. Think about this....the MH discussion on here has pages and pages of everyone's ideas of how he did it right? Why does this thread have not even one page? I feel like the answers can be found in an area where HD hunts or knows well. A remote location that no one has looked at yet. A friends property etc. I know LE, locals, and family are always quick to say he did not do this. I am not so sure.
I had never looked at the HD angle before. It makes a lot of sense.

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I always assumed that MH was a good candidate obviously, much like most people have.
From the limited information I've read, it seems like Tara was still infatuated with Marcus Harper, but it seems like he was completely over her, so I don't see him as a very good candidate.

I don't know whether Heath Dykes is the perp. He looks like a better candidate to me than Marcus Harper, but your theory is highly speculative. For one thing, the broken lamp makes me think it was an abduction, possibly by a stranger. The part about him luring her out because his wife was hot on their heels doesn't fit the evidence.

If she was dating married men and chasing men who had girlfriends, etc., she may have made some female enemies. Men to tend to committed most murders, but let's not assume this particular crime was committed by a man.
Ozoner, Isn't speculation the basis of this site? If we were stating facts, they would need to lock us up. I haven't even looked at this in months because it will drive you crazy constantly checking about this case to see if there is any movement. I could not be more disconnected from the case as I live a long way away from Georgia and have never even been to the Irwin county area before. These cases are like a puzzle to me and it intrigues me in the end to see what my theories were versus what actually happened. This one bothers most of us because it was highly publicized and there has been little to no follow up. The GBI constantly says that this remains an open case. Why is that? They may know something that we do not. Could Dykes' wife and Tara have had it out, broken the lamp etc, and then collectively disposed of her after seeing what they had done? There are so many ways this could have gone, and they all are baffling. I don't know that even if they find Tara, that they will get all of the answers. At this point, identification would possibly be about all that is left. We may never know. That is the part that drives us nuts. They could also uncover a treasure trove of evidence. This all depends on what they find. I would love to know exactly what they do have to piece it together from there, but they are obviously not letting anything out about this.
What happened to Tara?

LillyRush and Bree0732, you guys had some great ideas. I wonder if we can get you back here thinking about this...
Tara took her purse and keys wherever she went, right? (in theory, being that they were missing.) Most likely situation is that someone she knew said, hey let's take a ride here, or come with me real quick, I have to do this. Either way, she's going in someone's car. And never makes it back :(

Now let's think of HD here - let's say he is having an affair with her. He cares for her. Who do we know has decided he does not care about her? MH. What if HD and Tara had planned to hang out Saturday night after the BBQ or on Sunday? She gets home, and something goes wrong with HD and he starts covering things up by breaking her lamp and dropping a glove, and calling, or she gets home Sat. night and MH shows up, things go sour and when HD arrives at her house on Sunday, he can't find her and knows something's wrong because she missed their date.

Either way, I feel it has to be one of them. I actually was stalked by a student and it was a very terrifying experience. But I feel more likely it's someone in LE, who would have knowledge of how to pass a polygraph, how to kill and dispose of a body...I just don't think a "crazed college kid" would have enough skill to evade police so much. Any thoughts?

I'm about 2 yrs late to this comment, but thank you for the recognition in your response here. I appreciate your balanced comment here about several of the top suspects. I'm just going to do a general reply to some of the things you brought up since it's been so long and I'm not sure if you still read/post.

My thing about HD has always been: Sure, it's possible that Tara was having an affair with HD. Anything is possible in this, I guess, since there are several unknowns or unconfirmed pieces of info. The problem is that 99% of the info claiming that Tara and HD were involved was entirely based on small town gossip, stringing random pieces of (sometimes questionable) info together and also seemed to be mostly circulated by people who supported MH in online discussions or were actually close in real life to MH.

HD and Tara had been friends since at least high school, if not childhood. He was basically one of her closest/best friends, next to her bf, Maria - who she had also known since grade school. Why is it not possible that Tara and HD were simply that - still good friends? Because she was single? Because he was married? Because when Anthony Vickers was banging down her door and stalking her she and HD chose to remain inside the house? I can't say I blame either one of them on that last one, who knows what would have happened if they had opened the door - and she rightfully called the police in that situation. Coincidentally, it's my understanding that the police officer who came out to take that report was the one who is MH's bff and who did the ride along with him that night. In earlier forum days, some people who claim to have inside info would refer to him and his police report as some kind of support for this thing that was supposedly happening between HD and Tara.

Also, it has never sounded to me like HD was ever trying to hide the fact that he and Tara were close - as would be expected since they had known each other for many yrs. If it is true that he "parked his car in different places" to avoid appearing like he was at Tara's house, then he certainly didn't a good job of it since every one and their brother (in past comments) seems to claim to know that he did this - doesn't sound like it was hid very well. Who knows how true that is. Maybe he didn't park in her driveway so she could move her car or it just made more sense parking wise since she lived on a corner. Maybe they both just knew how nosy and gossipy some neighbors were and tried to minimize the gossip. Maybe that whole parking thing was made up. I also don't see why he would have left his work business card there and called her so much if he were trying to create a distance between himself and her that night. I know that at least one of the phone calls was prompted by another phone call that HD had had with Tara's mother Faye, where they both had concern. I think Tara or maybe one of their mutual friends told him that she was going to or trying to talk to MH that night and they were concerned because she had gotten upset again and were worried about any conflict situations arising between them.....

And here we are 10 1/2 yrs later with no answers. I definitely think it was someone who had the ability to cover up this crime, people on the inside to help them and that includes more than HD in that, since Tara was close to (or had been) a handful of people in LE. I agree with you that things seemed to have been pulled off too well to have been the work of an out of control teen/young adult (AV). However, I do think that our person was relying on the fact that Tara's personal life had some complications and made sure to spread that info to others so that they too - after the fact - would continue to make Tara appear as though she had all these complicated affairs and personal life spiraling out of control.
HD and Tara were for sure having an affair, old news

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HD and Tara were for sure having an affair, old news

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Oh, you knew Tara, Heath and/or have inside investigative knowledge of this case? Sorry, I didn't catch your handle on the list of WS Verified Insiders. Would love to hear more when you have time to write more than one sentence replies about it, since that's all that I see. Thanks in advance. :)
WS is not really the place to discuss this type of information. However, Tara didn't ask the next door neighbor, Joe, to let HD park his vehicle in his yard for a friendly visit.

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He had a truck and car

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This is going to be discuss in a future podcast


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Sincere question... Did her family know about the affair with HD? I find it very strange that her mother asked him to drive (an hour plus) to check on Tara if they knew. I know that he was a friend of the family - supposedly?

Also, is it confirmed that her mother asked him to check on Tara? Did the family/mom confirm this?

It is a very odd situation, in my opinion.

(And I am basing my thoughts on this on how my own mother would react if she knew I was having an affair with a married family friend... She would likely NOT ask him to come "check" on me.)

I sincerely hope this is solved one day.

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