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Jul 31, 2004
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OK, maybe not professional posters, but posters that are professionals :) Although a lot of you probably are professional posters by this time.

We are lucky enough to have posters from all walks of life with a broad spectrum of expertise and/or some may have special inside knowledge about a case.This is all extremely valuable information for the forum.

But,we like to make sure that anyone posting as a professional in a specific area truly is what/who they claim to be. This is not a new rule and has always been the case. But it seems unclear to some and I wanted to clarify it.

This thread is to reference posters that are posting as experts in certain areas, such as law ,psychology,LE, and we even have a resident chemist. This also applies to those that claim to be insiders to a case.

Basically if any information from a particular poster is to be given more weight based on the fact that they claim to have special knowledge in any one area, we need to confirm it for the posting membership.

We ask that posters that are posting with expertise in a specific area contact Tricia so she can confirm their credentials. This is 100% voluntary and no one is ever required to reveal their true identity unless they want to post as an expert. Please know that Tricia does not reveal ANYONE'S identity if you should choose to be confirmed by her.

We just want to make sure that if posters rely on information posted by someone with special training, that they do actually have that training.
if someone posts with "expertise", and they are not on this list, do not assume they are an expert, but rather use your own judgement as to how much weight you would like to give it.

The following are current members in good standing that have been authenticated by Tricia and are free to post professionally or as an insider to a case:

Professional Posters & Verified Locals/Insiders
K9 SAR & Police
SAR management
K-9 Chaser is a verified SAR dog handler
indepmo is a verified SAR

Scanner Engineer

Brad Dennis is verified as being the search director for KlaasKids
Search and Seek Organization
Search and Seek is a verified member

DNA testing.
Skigirl is a professional in neuroscience, psychology,
and DNA testing.

Psychology and Character Profiling
Belimom: Nationally Certified School Phsychologist
CaseyLPC is a verified Licensed Professional Counselor
LBshrink is a verified Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Shadowraiths is a verified forensic psychology specialist
PsychoMom is a verified mental health professional.
badhorsie is a registered nurse (mental health)
Rougelatete is a verified mental health professional

Social Workers
sappysoul - clinical social worker

Child Protective Services
NC Analyzer is in Child Protective Services

Hell's Belle
Nancy Botwin
GermanePoints is a verified attorney
Just A Lawyer
gritguy is a verified attorney
ChinaCat67 is a verified attorney
beachbumming is a verified attorney
patriciah is a verified attorney
Colonel Mustard is a verified attorney
Irene_Adler is a verified attorney
Just-A-Guy is a verified attorney
katshep is a verified attorney
all4justice is a verified attorney


Probation Agent
Lady LEO is a verified Probation Agent

Sheriff's Office
lieber32 works in records dept.
Law Enforcement


Plain Jane Doe is verified in the field of neuroscience

Criminal Justice

Health Professionals
*~Aimee~* - Registered Nurse
AvonBlue - Mental health & local in Kyron Horman's thread
kaRN- Registered Nurse
Nursebeemee - Registered Nurse
PensFan- Psych Nurse and MPH
shay0903 is a verified RN
angelainwi is verified as a Certified Trauma Counselor
cats5vegas is a verified R.N.
everyoneneedsavoice verified as a registered nurse
gngr~snap has been verified as a practitional nurse
Studio_Medic is a verified EMT/Paramedic
LongtimeMedic is a verified EMT/Paramedic
Sleuthy1 is a Registered Nurse-BSN experience in Med-Surg, Gerontolgy, Oncology & Psych
LglNrs is verified as a nurse
Melodie is a verified registered nurse
RabidBadger is a verified registered nurse


Certified Trauma Counselor

Diane Fanning

Professional Journalist
SWJAXON= Stephen Jackson, LV Crime Beat reporter for channel 8
ANNACANZANOKATU is a reporter for KATU in Portland Oregon
FACT FINDER is a verified reporter.

San Pasqual Executive Gaming Commissioner

Animal Search and Rescue

Comparative Religion and Culture
Speech Pathologist

Reality Orlando

Insiders and/or Locals

Kyron Horman case
Freefallzzzz (Kyron Horman forum)
Gwenabob (Kyron Horman forum)
Joshiesmom (Kyron Horman forum)
ClueMeIn (Kyron Horman forum/internet doc provider)
PortlandMama (Kyron Horman forum)
Jasmine_xoxo (Kyron Horman forum)
RNMIF (Kyron Horman forum)
SCANDI is a verified local (Kyron Horman forum)

Amber Dubois & Chelsea King cases
Drumlaw(Amber Dubois and Chelsea King forums)
TravelingBug (Chelsea King and Amber Dubois)

Caylee Anthony case
Exit13(Caylee Anthony forum)
NitrousPowrdSS (Caylee Anthony forum)
Tony Padilla(Caylee Anthony Forum)
Macushla is a verified insider

Haleigh Cummings case
Stormy2919 (Haleigh Cummings forum)
GER (Haleigh Cummings forum)
KSH352 (Haleigh Cummings forum)

Rev. Thomas Hamilton case
Bradfordchic - Rev. Thomas Hamilton case

Shaniya Davis case
Oriah (Shaniya Davis)

Zahra Baker case
shay0903 is verified as a local in Zahra's case
kcsmom76 is verified as a local in Zahra's case
OzChristian Local in Australia and has connections to some people involved in the Zahra's case
PunKnLuV: Zahra Baker's case
NCMOM:Zahra Baker case
Sherlock Homey:Zahra Baker case
Vallhall:Zahra Baker Case

Coral Pearl Hall case (MBNF forum)
coralsmyBFF: Coral Pearl Hall case (MBNF forum)

Jonathan Foster case
Reneeloveyou: Jonathan Foster case
LovingMom: Jonathan Foster case

Hailey Dunn case
Redcat is a verified local in the Hailey Dunn case
mommajack: Hailey Dunn Case
40G!GZ7: Hailey Dunn case
spankysmom: Hailey Dunn case
ajk: Hailey Dunn case
smalltownmom71 is a verified local Hailey Dunn case
regresmom is a verified local Hailey Dunn case
msyanas in Hailey Dunn's case
TexasGiGi in the Hailey Dunn
The Hatcher is a verified local Hailey Dunn case

Bob Harrod case
CA Exile verified in Bob Harrod case

Beth Bentley case
Paschein: Beth Bentley case
CuriousOne2: Beth Bentley case
AlwaysThinking: Beth Bentley case
Hmm : Beth Bentley case
blueyesrsmiling: Beth Bentley case
quickthinking: Beth Bentley case

Joan Cook case
OLIVER0525 is verified as Joan Cook's sister

Steven Koecher case
Naegle= KC Naegle, Steven Koecher's cousin and family spokesperson

Brian Joseph Page case
Smp is verified as the sister of Brian Joseph Page

Cheryl Henry & Andy Atkinson case
mocity is a family member in the Cheryl Henry and Andy Atkinson case

Samuel M. Aegerte case
mssheila: Samuel M. Aegerte case

Nikki Foster case
dassala is verified as the cousin of Nikki Foster

Janesvill shooting case
Sandman333 in the Janesville shooting thread.

Shelton boys case
KeepingHope in Shelton boys case

Ashley LaShay Jones case
AshleysAunt has been verified in the Ashley LaShay Jones missing case

Jeremy Doland Bright missing 1986 case
Ste1977 is a family member of Jeremy Doland Bright missing in 1986

Cherri Ann Mahan case
Passionflower is a verified local in the Cherri Ann Mahan case

David B. Martineau case
Mysticrose has been verified in the case of her missing co-worker: David B. Martineau case

Lindsey Baum case
JenniferO verified local in Washington, works with missing cases, primarily Lindsey Baum
SarahC is a verified local

Yvonne Lowers case
Infolowers has been verified in the Yvonne Lowers case

Jennifer Short and Family case
curious_mom is a verified local in the Jennifer Short (and family) case
MBLover in Jennifer Short's case

Lacy Gaines case
ChaCha is verified for the Lacy Gaines case

Aundria Bowman missing case & UID forum WI Jane Doe- Racine 1999 cases
Aundria62374 verified for both missing persons case Aundria Bowman and UID forum thread WI Jane Doe - Racine 1999

Jason Wing case
jasonsmother is the mother of Jason Wing

wichapiska in the Pre-1960s Missing -
Audrey Moate is a verified local.

Amy Yachimec case
delighteyes3 is a family member of Amy Yachimec

Lisa Straub case
jashrema local Lisa Straub case
anthony1 friend of the family

Merissa Lawhead case
bluelately is verified as Merissa Lawhead's mother
mblaw is Merissa Lawhead's father

Mary Ann Higginbotham case

Anthony Holland Cordell OK missing persons case
findanthonyholland is a verified insider

Rock Gunter Sr. Case
theresamiller is the daughter of Rock Gunter SR.

Jason Reynolds thread
vicky_miernick Jason R's biological mother
icrose0060 - sister of Jason Reynolds

Jerry Rowe case
margaretcarver is verified in the Jerry Rowe case as his cousin

James Daukei Jr, 20, arrested for murder of Rosalin Reynolds, 8 (Crimes-Spotlight on Children)
Ishell, local & knows family

Summer Inman Case

Phylicia Barnes Case

Holly Bobo Case
greengreen is a verified local

Krista Dittmeyer case

Laroya Bray case

Aaronna Mitchell and Aaronne Russell case
bessie is a verified local

Bonnie Woodward case
Mythic Rose is a verified local in the Bonnie Woodward case

Gail Nowacki Palmgren
MacGyver friend of Gail
ATRUEFRIEND friend of Gail
Sleuthy1 friend of Gail's family
conundrummed is a verified local

Monica Libao case
DFirestone verified local

Lauren Giddings case
Lomaker is a verified local
Macontime is a verified local
Colonel Mustard is a verified local

Shirley Elizabeth Frew or Hansen case
MorningStar is verified as a local
pljnw is a verified local

Steve Reed case
Wildwoman is a verified local

Lori Arrowood case
helpfindthemissing is verified in the Lori Arrowood case

Rebecca Nalepa case
Chasing.halos verified local/insider

Joshua Ryan Thurlo case
mums1962 is the mother of missing Joshua Ryan Thurlo

Angie Housman case
Stella5 verified local

Shellie Carson case
HRCODEPINK is verified in the Shellie Carson case
Cheddah B verified insider

Aliayah Lunsford case
fiestygurl is a verified local in the Aliayah Lunsford case
wenc is a verified local in the Aliayah Lunsford case.
nanak is a verified local in the Aliayah Lunsford case.
Westinland verified local
Vickie Bowen family member

Hazel Alice Klug cold case
Sandraella in the Hazel Alice Klug cold case

Wendy Lorraine Taylor-Kamp case
aisha hashmi

McStay case
Patrick McStay

Lisa Irwin case
In Da Middle has been verified as a local
makinwaffles is a verified local
indepmo is a verified local

Christopher Abeyta case

Maxa Road Murders Case

Katherine Coffee case
Peazzzer is a verified local

Killing Fields case
ikoihil is a verified insider

Mark Dribin case
LinasK is a verified family member

Ilene Misheloff case
LinasK is a verified local

James Aaron Toole case
ASHLEYSOLOMON is a family member

David Michael Grubbs case
Leeza is a verified local

Catherine Tornquist case
SLYON family member

Michelle Parker case
EINYROO is a verified local

Julianne Jaillet case
tjcm93 is the daughter of Julianne Jaillet

If you would like to add youself as an expert in a certain field or an insider to a case, please contact Tricia.
If you do not wish to be identified as an expert in a certain area, we only ask that you refrain from answering questions that are specifically directed to those that have been verified as specialist in their area.
If a member posts with "expertise" please check to make sure they are on this list. If not, please do not take their post as professional information, but rather just as another opinion ;much as you would with any member of the general posting membership.

Locals who are describing the area or are members of the gyms and that sort of thing do not need to be verified.
We only verify people who know the players or have been named in the media, etc.

If a member wants to post as a professional ( a lawyer, shrink, and so on) or as a local/knows the people involved then they must email us at the following email.
Please include:
The case
Your Websleuths name
Your phone number and a good time to call
Your real name.
In the subject line please put which case they are asking to be verified on.
All info will be kept strictly confidential
Thank you!
Please include:
The case
Your Websleuths name
Your phone number and a good time to call
Your real name.
In the subject line please put which case they are asking to be verified on.
All info will be kept strictly confidential
Thank you!
This is a work in process and we have more names to add to the list from across the forums . But I wanted to get this notice up as soon as possible.
If you know someone from any forum that should be on this list or if you should be on it, please send me a note.
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