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Discussion in 'Serial Killers' started by Tricia, Jun 9, 2015.

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    Here's how it works: Member A posts a question of fact. Member B quotes Member A's post and provides a one or two line answer, with a link.


    Q. When did Victoria Chavez's family report her missing?

    A. Her family reported her missing 2004. We don't have an exact date


    This is strictly a non-discussion thread. Posts containing opinions and speculation will be removed.

    Thanks to Bessie for putting up the Q&A in the Long Island Serial Killer Forum. I copied everything she did there and brought it here. Thank you Bessie :)
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    Two questions:

    1) Does anyone have any archival media about the case? We're looking for things such as archival video, photos, stories, things like that? If anyone has a copy of the first article that ran about missing prostitutes in September of 2007, for example, we'd love to see it. The author was Maggie Sheppard and it ran in the Albuquerque Tribune.

    2) Does anyone currently live in Albuquerque?

    Rachel and Josh

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