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Jan 19, 2007
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We have an offer for those of us who have not read the books or have seen the movie to get our questions answered! It does appear that Lindsey was into the Twilight series and we should explore every avenue in case it could pertain to her going missing. Fantasy vs. reality at her age can be mixed in many ways.

Thanks for offering to answer questions, DogMom2JoeAndWillie. :)

Not sure if this is the right thread to post about this, but I've read all the twilight books and thought that they were okay (with the exception of the fourth one) for a "tween". I read them after I watched the movie, mainly to satisfy my curiosity (embarassed to admit it, but I wanted to know what happens when you "hook up" with a vampire, :blushing: but I'm also 24...big difference between mid 20's and a "tween"...). I have an 8 year old cousin who likes the movie (she even named her cat "Bella") but isn't interested in the books at all (she didn't know the existed intil I told her :doh:. The fourth book is just a little sexually mature for younger kids, but it's not even as bad as what can be found in mom's "Cosmo" or "Glamour", lol. Sorry, gettting OT....point is that I know she had thay MS profile "Twilight Freak" and dunno how many of you think info about the books would be significant/useful....I'd be happy to answer any questions you guys might have (if anyone hasn't read and is curious).
Thank YOU, SeriouslySearching, for starting a thread. I have NO idea how to start a thread and it wouldn't have occurred to me that a new thread would be a good idea! Any idea how I could bring my original post over here?? I'd also like to include a "Spoiler Alert" for those who haven't read the books (and want to) and for those who are in the process of reading....
You are welcome. :)

Easy! To copy a post, you simply click the quote button below and do the copy/paste thing to the new thread.

In order to start a new thread, first make sure there is not one already pertaining to the subject matter. If not, go to the main forum page (Lindsey Baum - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community) and click on the New Thread button above the listing of threads. Give the thread a title which is short and to the point (making it easy to find later) also giving an adequate description of the subject.

Oh, the Spoiler Alert is an excellent idea!! I am sure it will be most appreciated, too. :)
If you guys have any questions on the Twilight Series feel free to ask me. I am a HUGE Twilight Fan here. You can see that much in my banner and avatar! I can answer any question you have as well.
How about a quick overview for someone who not only doesn't know anything about the series except (now) that it exists.
Same for me - a quick book report would be nice. I had never heard of Twilight until Lindsey and have no idea what questions to even ask.

I guess it is all about vampires? I vant to drink your blooooooood LOL

The story is about a 17 year old girl named Bella Swan who meets Edward Cullen an 109 year old Vampire who looks like he's a 17 year old old boy b.c that is how old he was when he was turned. She moves to Forks Washington to live with her father who she hasn't seen since she was a little girl b.c he and her mother divorced when she was 7 years old. Her first day of school is when she meets Edward and the other Cullens(his siblings) who are also vampires. He acts really wierd with her and she's afraid it is something that she did but doesnt' realize its because he is a vampire and cant take the smell of her blood.

Edward has been around many humans but with Bella her blood is strong he wants to kill her so he leaves school for a few days so that he can hunt. The vampires are different than your usual vampires they feed off animal blood not human blood but they can turn on a human at any time. Bella starts piecing together that Edward is not normal after he stops a moving van that is about to crush her. Bella meets Edwards father at the hospital after the van almost hit her. He's also a vampire his name is Dr Carlisle Cullen. She doesn't meet Edwards mom later on. When down that the La Push beach with friend she meets up with her childhood friend Jacob who lets her in the secret that Edward and his family are all Vampires. Bella goes into Port Angeles with some friends and buys a book on legends and on her way out of the book store these group of guys start following her which freaks her out. Edward knows where she is at and saves her then too. That is when she starts questioning him on eveyrthing. Later that night at home is when she realizes that he really is a vampire and confronts him about it the next day at school. By that time she has started faling inlove with him and he has started falling inlvoe with her so they make it official. Edward can read minds, his sister Alice gets visions, Alice's husband Jasper is an empath, and Edwards brother Emmett is really strong. Rosalie his sister doesn't have a power she's just beautiful. At the end of the book 3 tracker vampires Victoria, James, and Laurent go after Bella when they run into her and the Cullens. Bella is almost killed by James one of the bad vampires but Edward and the Cullens save her and they kill James. Victoria and Laurent get away so they don't get them. Anway Bella goes to her prom with a cast on her leg. She wants to be turned into a vampire at her prom(see my picture in my banner where he's leaning over her) but he doesnt want her to have that life.

I remember when my grandaughter was 10 or so she was addicted to the couple of TV series shows about vampires. I couldn't understand it at all. Now I love them. LOL And then when she turned about 12 or so she went into this Goth mode with the studs and black nails. I was really worried but thankfully she did get out of that phase.

It is more common I think than we realize and think it is healthy unless they are in the wrong crowd. xox
In New Moon Bella turns 18 years old and Alice wants to throw a Birthday Party for her. Bella is a bit upset about turning 18 because she wants to be the same age as Edward not older so she doesnt want anything. Edward makes her got the party and while she's opening her presents gets a paper cut and it bleeds. Jasper who fed off humans for a long time before going on the animal blood has the hardest time being around humans so when Bella bleeds he almost attacks her. Edward pushes him out of the way and saves Bella from being attacked by him. Edward is very upset because its the last thing he wanted to happen was for one of them to lose control. He starts acting wierd and Bella realizes something is up. Well one day after school he tells her can't do it anymore that its to dangerous for her so all the Cullens are going to leave. He leaves her in the woods and after that Bella is completely distraught over everything. She doesn't do anything for months and is depressed. She starts getting hallucinations of Edward and becomes best friends with Jacob Black who starts falling for Bella. She is still inlove with Edward and doesnt' see him in that way. Jacob starts acting really weird and Bella wonders why. She can't take losing someone else. Anyway Laurent one of the tracker vampires comes back for Bella and sees her in the woods. This is when Bella finds out that Jacob and his crew down at La Push are werewolves b/c Jacob changes right infront of her. Bella thinks she hears Edward telling her not cliff dive but she does it anyway and Jacob saves her. The Cullens who have been keeping an eye on Bella the whole time think she died. Alice can't see her in visions anymore b/c she is with the wovles so she thinks Bella is dead. Alice comes back to see Charlie (Bella's dad) and finds out Bella is actually alive. Edward calls to speak to Charlie and Jacob picks up telling him that Charlie is at a funeral(he was at his frineds funeral) and Edwar assumes he's at Bellas. Alice finds out from Carlisle that Edward went to Italy and is going to step out into th sun to kill himself. He blames himself for Bella's death. Alice and Bella go to Italy and Bella saves him where there he realizes Bella is actually alive and not dead. They have to go through the Volturi who is a Vamprie Coven the main ones they tell Edward that Bella must be turned into a vampire or they will kill her. Even though Edward hates the idea of Bella becoming one of them he agrees to it only if Bella will marry him.

And that is basically waht happens in New Moon.

In Eclipse(the book of the series) basically Victoria comes back for revenge on Bella b.c James was her lover and she blames Bella for the Cullens killing them. She starts out on a killing spree in Seatle. Edward doesn't like Bella going to see Jacob b.c the vampires/wolves have a treaty that can't be broken. Its against the rules for them to be on the same territory. Anyway The vampires and the wolves join forces to take out these new vampires. Jasper helps them b.c he used to lead vampire wars like that so he knows what to do Bella learns about wovles imprinting on babies. It's just something that happens with them. Bella and Edward get officially engaged in Eclipse b/c he actually gives her a ring.

In Breaking Dawn(the fourth book of the saga)- Edward and Bella get married and have a little half human/half vampire girl. Bella almost dies from the birth and Edward has no other choice but to turn her intio a vampire. He doesnt' want to lose her so Bella is finally turned into a vampire. Jacob imprints on the baby meaning when Renesemee(the baby) grows up they will be together. Bella and Edward hate that with a passion. The Volutrui come back to try and get Nessie but dont' succeed in it.
How believable is the story line?

And how believable is it to a 10 year old? I really do think Lindsey is just too smart to fall for someone trying to convince her they stepped out of a book, but what if there was someone that was planning to take her. Could they have rigged things to make it look like they had "special powers", possibly even with the warning that Lindsey couldn't tell anyone about them or their "powers"?
TakeNote: Alice is a character in the book. She is a vampire and is Edward's "sister". She ends up being one of Bella's (the main character) best friends. Don't know what her last name was before she was turned into a vampire.....they are a "family" and all use the last name "Cullen" in the books. In a few places, it does make refrence to each character's life before they were turned into a vampire, but I don't remember anything about Alice's past. I think that WillenFan21 is doing a FABULOUS job of describing the books.

Note to everyone : WillenFan's posts are probably much more informative, useful, and interesting to read than mine would be, considering that she's a fan and I was just a curious reader. Seriously, who wants to read ANYTHING that a self proclaimed Chemistry nerd writes?! I will be the first to admit that there is a word to describe what it's like to read my writing...and that word is "torture" WillenFan deserves tons of thanks! :) The torture I've described doesn't even take into account the fact that I'm ADD (seriously, diagnosed, medicated, and everything) and suffer from self-inflicted memory loss (my fault, I know, but highschool and college were a BLAST!!). Glad to have an expert here...cause I was just gonna do my best, lol.
not my kids: I don't think that she seriously believed in the whole "powers" or whatever, but since she was a "tween" who seemed very mature for her age she may have been looking for that "swept off her feet" or "forbidden love" or "secret relationship" deal that seems to be a common theme throughout the series....
I haven't read (or seen) Twilight, but when somebody mentioned Forks today I googled it. I went to the first link, which was for Forks' Chamber of Commerce, and their page "On the Twilight Trail in Forks":

Forks is a beautiful place. More interesting than that, though, are the comments made on that page by visitors to Forks. It sounds like most of these tourists are Twilight fans, and they are certainly passionate about the place. Several of them say they want to move there. Maybe it isn't such a stretch to think Lindsey would feel the same way.

Google maps says it's 136 miles from McCleary, and takes 2 hours, 40 minutes to drive from one to the other. That's not so far, especially to an 11 year old girl with romantic notions. Promise of a trip would be good bait. Also, Google maps has a new (beta) feature: walking directions, complete with time. Walking, it's 121 miles, and takes 1 day, 16 hours. Are we sure nobody else is missing?

Twilight must be some book!
Alice's name is "Mary Alice Brandon". They call her Alice though.

Port Angeles, Forks, and La Push are all real places in Washington.

A lot of teen girls who read these books fall inlove with Edward Cullen and want an "edward" of their own. One thing that came to mind to me is if it was a guy that took her maybe she felt like he was like Edward? IDK just a thought here.
How believable is the story line?

And how believable is it to a 10 year old? I really do think Lindsey is just too smart to fall for someone trying to convince her they stepped out of a book, but what if there was someone that was planning to take her. Could they have rigged things to make it look like they had "special powers", possibly even with the warning that Lindsey couldn't tell anyone about them or their "powers"?

If she was really into the Edward character and some guy convinced her he was like Edward I could see it. I doubt there is a Twilight connection though.
Putting this here as well.

Edward is a Vampire who they describe as beautiful. A lot of young girls fall inlove with him and think he's the perfect guy. Robert Pattinson who plays Edward in the movie has had young girls walk up to him and even go as far asking him to bite them. And no Twilight is nothing like Buffy.

Ages ago, (for awhile), we were getting our dark romance from reading Anne Rice novels and watching "Interview with a Vampire."

(I think the girls only want hickeys (sp.) and not the real deal.)

Anyway, sometime during that phase I went through, the horror became frighteningly real because someone in my apartment building with the predilections of a true vampire began stalking me.

Girls can be lured into the path of someone who intends harm to them because they are caught up in fantasy.
Yeah I def get what you are saying and like I said a lot of little girls fall inlove with Edward. It's just crazy the little girls that are so into Twilight. I mean like I said Robert Pattinson who plays him in the movie has had young girls crying over him and asking him to bite them. I dont know if Lindsey was Team Jacob and Bella or Team Edward and Bella. If she was into Jacob more than Edward then my thoughts on the possibility of there being a Twilight connection to her being gone wouldn't be right.
WillenFan - thank you so much for the synopsis on Twilight. I am now inspired to read the books. Sounds like fun to me!


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