Reporting Technical Difficulties related to Websleuths

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    If you are experiencing technical difficulties while using Websleuths, please do not start a thread about it or post about it in the discussion threads.

    At the bottom right of each Websleuths page, there is a link called "Report a Problem". When you click that link a form will appear that allows you to provide details of the issue you are having. (Do not use the "Contact Us" link.)

    In the subject line, type "REPORT A PROBLEM".

    Then make sure you include all of the following information:

    A brief description of the problem
    A screenshot of the problem you are having
    The URL of the page you are on
    Your geo-location
    Timeframe it happened
    The operating system and version you are using
    The browser you are using
    The device you are using (i.e. iPhone)

    The concerns you have reported will be investigated as soon as possible.
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