Identified! RI - Narragansett Bay, John Doe in Navy uniform, Aug'43 - Raymond Johnson

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    DNA solves a 64-year-old mystery of missing sailor


    Johnson, who had joined the Navy in September 1941, when he was 16, was a crew member on the USS Gherardi, a new destroyer harbored in Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island. One night in December 1942 he and 16 other sailors were returning to the ship in a whaleboat during a storm. The whaleboat capsized. Attempts to rescue the sailors were delayed as the storm worsened, and the Gherardi broke loose from her moorings.

    In the end, only two sailors survived. Twelve bodies were recovered in the following weeks, but three were never found.

    More: Gherardi/USS Gherardi.htm


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