Rita Tangredi, 31, and Colleen McNamee, 20, 1993-94 ** John Bittrolff ARRESTED **

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Thanks for the birth date, everyone!

And is anyone else starting to think that he is not actually married? No one can find a marriage record!
Thanks for the birth date, everyone!

And is anyone else starting to think that he is not actually married? No one can find a marriage record!

Yes and that date, if there was a marriage, might also seem familiar or significant. The transfer date of the Manorville property, in 2003, might also be noteworthy. For some reason I think that occurred in June or July, too.

I'd like to see his significant dates and his age at the time side by side with at least a dozen or so of the other murders. In addition, his address at the times of those murders, where and what date the victims were last seen and the date and place when their bodies were discovered.
LE confirmed out of the 4 families, they couldn't contact one. My money is on Kim Overstreet. Taking a wild guess, remember she was the one to say she would be volunteering to lure "the guy"... Though me thinks she's probably <modsnip> somewhere in North Carolina or something. But who knows....
If that's the case, my bet is that they couldn't find Kim O. either. After reading "The Lost Girls," Amber really became the victim I have the most sympathy/empathy for (I have sympathy/empathy for all of the girls but Amber's story really moved me). She was SO very alone & seemed to want desperately to have a close relationship with her sister, but her sister seemed to not have time. Amber just seemed to me to want a family and she ended up creating this (dysfunctional, heroin-hooked) family with her roommate Dave Schaller, who Kim seems to have pretty much dumped Amber off on once Amber got to New York. She couldn't have children. She seemed to latch on to people and wanted desperately to have a family. That, combined with her severe addiction to heroin, makes me really sad. I know many of the other girls didn't have perfect family backgrounds, but Amber's was so heartbreaking to me- no one even bothered to report her missing...not even her own sister.

If LE really couldn't find Kim, my hope is she is okay wherever she is.
If someone gets married in a place like Jamaica or Mexico, do they need to register the marriage at the clerk's office? Would they still need to obtain a marriage license? Anybody know?
I know I got married out of state and never had to report it to anybody in my state or local government.
"In response to the article "Cold case arrest: DNA links LI man to murders of 2 women, DA says" [News, July 23], I was very disappointed at the lack of acknowledgment of the outstanding work of the Suffolk County probation officer whose work helped lead to a suspect in two killings.

The Probation Department serves an important role in the criminal justice system, one example being the collection of DNA samples from probationers. Senior Probation Officer Elena Mackie demonstrated professionalism and diligence when she collected the required DNA from John Bittrolff's brother, which was the catalyst to possibly solving these two cold cases.

Newsday stories have credited everyone from the state database system, to the county homicide detectives, to the county crime lab and forensic scientists and the district attorney's office, but failed to give deserving recognition to the probation officer who performed the required yet burdensome task of DNA collection that led to the arrest and the potential resolution of this 20-year-old mystery.

Donald T. Grauer, Patchogue

Editor's note: The writer is the president of the Suffolk County Probation Officers Association."
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