MO Robin Ann Kerry (19) - St. Louis MO, 1991

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    Robin Ann Kerry

    Endangered Missing -- Missing Since: April 5, 1991

    Missing From: St. Louis, Missouri

    Height: 5'0" -- Weight: 98 lbs -- Hair Color: Brown -- Eye Color: Blue

    Robin was last seen on the Chain of Rocks bridge in St. Louis, Missouri at 11:25 pm on April 4, 1991. Julie and her sister, Robin Kerry, made arrangements with their cousin, Thomas Cummins, to meet them to show Cummins a graffiti poem the girls had painted on the bridge. The abandoned Chain of Rocks bridge spans the Mississippi River at St. Louis and has been a site of drinking and partying.

    Earlier that same evening, Marlin Gray, Reginald (Reggie) Clemons, Antonio (Tony) Richardson and Daniel Winfrey met at the home of a mutual friend. At Gray's suggestion, the four left for the Chain of Rocks bridge to smoke a joint.

    The men confronted the Kerry sisters and Cummins at the bridge. Julie and Robin were assaulted by the three men. Clemons then forced Cummins to surrender his wallet, wristwatch, some cash and keys. Clemons ordered Cummins and the Kerry sisters to step out onto the concrete pier below the metal platform. The three were told not to touch each other. Julie Kerry and then Robin were pushed from the pier of the bridge, falling a distance of fifty to seventy feet to the water. Cummins was then told to jump. Believing his chances of survival were better if he jumped instead of being pushed, he jumped from the bridge.

    Cummins and Julie Kerry are known to have survived the 70 feet fall to the water below. Cummins would testify that after surfacing, the current pulled him over to Julie, but then she drifted off after he began to drown. Cummins swam to shore and survived.

    The body of Robin Kerry was never recovered. Julie Kerry's body was found three weeks later in the Mississippi River.

    Daniel Winfrey, who was 15 at the time of the murders, is serving a 30-year sentence. Reginald Clemens is on death row. The Missouri Supreme Court reduced Antonio Richardson's death sentence to life in prison because he was sentenced to death by a judge, not a jury. Marlin Gray was executed in 2005.


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