Romania - Mario Calò, 65, & Carmen Iamandi, 27, 16 October 1997

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    Case File 2119DMROM

    Mario Calò
    Missing since October 16, 1997 from Romania
    Classification: Missing
    [HR][/HR]Vital Statistics

    • [*]Age at Time of Disappearance: 65 years old
    • Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 152 cm
    • Distinguishing Characteristics: White male. Brown eyes; balding, greying hair.

    The Doe Network:
    Case File 2067DFROM

    Carmen Iamandi
    Missing since October 16, 1997 from Romania
    Classification: Missing
    [HR][/HR]Vital Statistics

    • [*]Age at Time of Disappearance: 27 years old
      [*]Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 153 cm
    • Distinguishing Characteristics: White female. Light eyes; light brown hair.

    [HR][/HR]Circumstances of Disappearance
    Mario Calò was last seen in Romania on October 16, 1997.
    He is a building contractor and resided in Tencarola, Italy. Towards the end of September he went to Szekszard, in Hungary, where he possesses various apartments. He went in his car with his Romanian girlfriend Carmen Iamandi.
    Around mid-October, Mario calls his sons and says that he is going to travel to Galati, Rumania, where Carmen's parents live. On October 16, the couple passes the border between Hungary and Romania. Nothing more has been heard from them. Their car was located on October 20, in Petris, approximately 100 kilometers after Arad, at the beginning of Transylvania. The disappearance of Calò and Iamandi, may be connected to the disappearance of another Italian, Vincenzo Verdini.

    From Chi l'ha visto?

    Mario Calo, 64, building contractor, based in Tencarola (PD). Towards the end of September last year he decided to go to Szekszard, Hungary, where he owns several apartments, all rented. car part with his partner, Carmen Iamandi, 27, Romania, with whom he lives for about two years. Around the middle of October Mario calls his children to say they would go to Galati in Romania, home to the parents of Carmen. The couple, according to the testimony of a friend of theirs Hungarian, runs from Szekszard on October 16 and, the same evening, cross the border between Hungary and Romania to Nadlac. In border Mario claims to be directed in Timisoara, Galati instead. Then, of the two, they lose track. A phone call came from Bucharest broadcast claims that an Opel Calibra license plate Padua and muddy, was parked in the Romanian capital, in a street not far from the Italian Consulate. Mario Calò began his entrepreneurial activities in Hungary in 1994, after that in Italy the license of houses had been revoked following a number of violent incidents that involved his tenants, all immigrants. Before you buy an apartment in Budapest, then the houses in Szekszard. It seems that the man wanted to broaden its turnover in Hungary. He speaks of his interest in the timber industry and a show-room, to which the project is said to be working with a German businessman. Meanwhile, while they continue the search for the two missing, he was arrested in Hungary a friend of Mario Calò. Giorgia Molnar, this is its name, is accused of fraud and forgery of checks, to the detriment of their own Mario Calò. Falsification of bank shares would, however, took place before the entrepreneur's disappearance. There is a relationship between the fraud and the disappearance? Mario Calò had known Giorgia Molnar, 30, Hungarian, in Tencarola and she had helped him with his sister who acted as interpreter, to buy houses in Hungary. "Chi l'ha visto?" Molnar has learned from the sister of an alleged flirtation between Mario Calo and a certain Flavia, a young Romanian girl for which the farmer would have lost my mind. The girl would be now in Romania. Meanwhile, in Galati, family members of Iamandi Carmen live in fear. Front of the camera just about the younger sister of Carmen. "I'm three months - says - that we live with a terrible tension. The police does nothing but ask ourselves relationships was with Mario, and this scared me."

    "Chi l'ha visto?", After a complicated search, he tracked Flavia, who was a guest for a few months of Mario Calò. These would report to Flavia to have serious problems with Giorgia Molnar, who had cheated before and then threatened, ordered him, in the last match, to leave within 24 hours Hungary. On that occasion Mario would even seen a gun in her purse open woman. For this, he confided to Flavia, was afraid of being killed.

    On March Giorgia Molnar was released. The woman, who now lives in one of eight apartments that Mario Calò had purchased, in the interview he gave to 'Chi l'ha visto?' He has denied the version of Flavia, telling that there were no grounds on which he could fear it. In fact he had not even reported because of a large sum of money she owed him and for which Mario had only limited to her to sign an agreement. According to the police there would be no direct relationship between the offense committed by Molnar and two disappeared. The reasons of the Calo trip to Romania are not yet clear. The assumptions that you make relate to the Giorgia invitation to go there to get the money back (but Mario insisted that this happened in Szekszard), or one of the many business where the contractor was working.

    April 10 Max Calo, Mario's son, went to resume the Opel Calibra. The Romanian police, meanwhile, has suggested a possible link between the case of Mario Calo and that of another Italian, Vincenzo Verdini, who missing in similar circumstances, on May 1, 1997 while he was on the border between Romania and Hungary . Verdini was directed to Arad but no one has heard of him. his car also was found long after the disappearance and he knew a Hungarian woman who a few years before he was in Padua, right in the period when he was in Italy also Giorgia Molnar.
    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
    Chi L'ha Visto
    Source Information:
    Chi L'ha Visto
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