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Discussion in 'Chelsea King' started by JBean, Mar 11, 2010.

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    Our member drumlaw is the Exective Director of the San Pasqual Gaming Commission and he is a local that lives very close to this situation.

    He tells me that the gaming commission often works with LE in cases like this and they have helped as much as possible in the Amber Dubois and Chelsea King cases.

    While he certainly cannot answer any questions that he must keep confidential, it would still be interesting to have a thread available to ask him things relating to the gaming commission as well as local input.

    So, I would like to ask if the gaming commission is actively involved in either of these cases at this point and what type of assistance can the gaming commission offer LE?
    drumlaw, what is your personal take on the origin of the lead that led directly to Amber Dubois remains? Do you have any idea if they went straight to her? or did they seem to search a general area before finding her?
    Finally, what is your personal opinion in general about John Gardner?

    Thank you and welcome to Websleuths.
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    I have no idea what questions we are allowed to ask.
    I would like to know if Gardner had any bites or scratches on him.
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    Thanks, JBean! Cool!
    Hi, drumlaw, and thank you, too!

    I believe the press has decided that Amber was found on private property owned by the Rainbow Water District, but there were early reports that she was found on the Pala Reservation. Does Pala employ an independent police force?

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