VERDICT WATCH SC - Paul Murdaugh & mom Margaret Found Shot To Death - Alex Murdaugh Accused - Islandton #36

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One thing I can agree with the Defendant on: (Said by Creighton Waters during Closing)

'Oh what a tangled web we weave..... (Said by Alex in his opening on Cross exam by CW)

"How appropriate coming from that man".

BOOM - Mic Drop

EBM- Clarification of who said what when hah
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A note from
on questions they have received about jury deliberations, and answers:

Q: How long will the jury deliberate? A: It’s up to the jury. Q: Will the jury be sequestered. A: There is no decision at this time.

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Q: Will we hear the jury's questions and requests during deliberations? A: Yes, on the record. Q: Will the jury have technology to view exhibits? A: Yes. Q: Will the attorneys be present? A: They will be somewhere close, but not required to be in court.

More from
: Q: How much notice will we get that a verdict has been reached? A: The longer the deliberations, the more notice will probably be given because the attorneys and staff will be dispersed.

Last note from
, and this is the big one. Q: Will the jury deliberate on weekends. A: Yes, they will deliberate through the weekend if necessary.
My guess is that the defense will present their closing arguments tomorrow ?
Just on the financial theft alone, imo -- AM should be put away for a long time.
Also imagine how many people could be in danger if AM walks ?

Fingers crossed for justice for Maggie and Paul !
For the record .... I believe AM committed this heinous and unspeakable crime.

He's not on trial for the financial stuff - that comes next. But the Prosecutor sure isn't presenting it that way.

Which is why the Prosecutor should have skipped on down. Just put it on a bullet list. They KNOW. They HEARD. Just say PONZI SCHEME CRASHING and spend 3 minutes. Same with the pills. We KNOW. Skip on down.

He needed a consultant who knows how to teach and persuade. Even the best learners cannot handle more than 3-4 main points per day in a contentious or unfamiliar matter. WHY is he talking about Alex's own alibi? We KNOW he was lying. Just reconstruct what happened.

Walk us through what you, Mr Prosecutor, imagine to have been the lead-up (on that day or maybe over a couple of days) to the events of that night. He's just all over the place because, like most public speakers, doing an entire day of lecturing/persuading is mentally exhausting. Looks like the Prosecutor made sketchy bullet points and did not think in terms of overall rhetoric and oratory. HE puts in too many details (it is no longer relevant about dying dad or boat case).
What other media podcasts or video streaming services have analysis of the day in court that are more objective than the usual choices?
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