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Discussion in 'Missing Archives' started by Mensch, Oct 15, 2009.

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    that LE agencies take us seriously or even want our help.

    Moderators, I did not find a place to put this thread that is more suitable, but please move if necessary.
    I am posting a link to an article that is a must read for all the hard working Sleuthers here and everywhere who dedicate their time and effort to finding a name for the unidentified. Keep up the work. It seems like we may be the the only ones who care other than the families and loved ones of he victims.

    Before posting the link, I would like to know if others have a problem with LE in submitting their findings? I have made 3 submissions in the past twelve months to the agencies where the UID were located and have received no response. I am meticulous in my file preparation. In other words, other than DNA, their work is done for them! Yet to this date the agencies won't verify even receiving my submissions. I have checked one UID and find it is still listed as such. I am so annoyed at the system for many reasons. I will keep trying because the unnamed don't seem to have a voice in the system.
    Link to article: ............
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    Mensch, my only experience with contacting LE was in a missing persons case.

    I called a tipline to give information that I had seen on the internet (specifically the location of a missing person because she had left her location in a public note on her myspace page).

    Let me preface that I am very tolerant and used to dealing with a bureaucracy type mentality (that's not a bad thing, it is just sometimes what it is) so that when I did call I didn't perceive the short, perhaps gruff responses from the LE taking my call as anything other than the LE was being matter of fact.

    I gave my information, and given that my life experiences are that I have dealt with this type of communication style from being a military wife ~ I kept my message short, and BLUF (bottom line up front).

    I was thanked for my call. And then it was reported the next day that the missing person had been located in the city that I had called in about, however, I don't know if my call was beneficial in locating that person.

    So that has been my experience, but I haven't really worked on UID's. I have posted there from time to time.

    I'm sorry if you have met with resistance, but keep working hard. Whether or not LE is gracious, or accepting of your commitment of time and energy to those UID's ~ I have the feeling that their families will be eternally grateful once you do make a match for them.


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