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    Victim (missing or murdered person)
    Suspect (as officially named by LE)

    • Links may be used to direct members to posts made by a victim or a suspect.
    • Paraphrasing is okay, but direct quotes, copying and pasting, or taking screen caps, directly from these pages is not allowed.
    • NOTE: Comments and posts by their Friends on these pages are not allowed to be quoted, copied or referenced. They are considered rumor. Just don't mention them.
    • Do not link to a victim or suspect's social media page if you are not 100% certain it belongs to the correct individual.
    • If a social media page is set to private and you get in the back way, you may not post what you find. Private means private!

    Public Pages
    Mainstream Media (MSM)
    Law Enforcement (LE)
    Group support pages for victims, such as "Help Find..." and "Justice for..."
    Legitimate non-profit organizations who provide assistance and support to victims and their families (e.g., Klass Kids, Texas Equusearch).
    • Links may be used to direct members to a post by the owner or an admin of an approved social media page/profile.
    • NOTE: Comments and posts by readers/visitors of these pages are considered rumor. They are not allowed to be quoted, copied or referenced. Just don't mention them.
    • Posts by an owner or admin may be copied, quoted, or paraphrased. This refers primarily to posts or tweets by MSM reporters, announcements by law enforcement, the admin of a group support page (a page run by family)
    • Regarding group support pages, i.e., "Help Find..." and "Justice for...": If at any time the WS staff determines a group support page to be inappropriate, a notice will be posted in the thread stating that the page is no longer approved.

    No names or images of minor children are allowed unless they are the victim under discussion (i.e. deceased or missing child)

    Social media pages that fall in the following categories are OFF LIMITS.

    Family members of either a victim or a suspect
    Friends of either a victim or a suspect
    Most any other individual

    Don't link to these pages, nor make reference to information you find on them.

    Any exception must first be approved by an administrator. You can contact an administrator via private message, or send an email to

    EXAMPLE: If a suspect has been arrested for a crime relevant to the discussion topic, and you want to post a Facebook screencap from their personal page, you must first obtain approval from administration.
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