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South Africa - Pieter Fourie, 24 June 1994

Discussion in 'Grateful Dead fan -Possible Matches' started by rainwater, Aug 31, 2014.

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    I've been searching international sites on the chance that Jason was not American/Canadian and found Pieter Hendrik Gysbertus Fourie on Interpol. Interpol has a section where they list international MPs. Mr. Fourie went missing from South Africa on June 24, 1994- EXACTLY one year (BBM) before the concerts. IMHO, he has Jason's "look", but he might be too old. He would have been about 29 in 1995 .Here's the Interpol link:

    It is possible for Mr. Fourie to have reached the U.S. in a year, but is it probable? His MP report makes no mention of DNA collections in South Africa for MPs.
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