Steven Avery Jury Trial Day 23 - 03.14.2007

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    Steven Avery Jury Trial Day 23

    14 March 2007
    260 pages

    • Individual Voir Dire
    • Instructions
    • Closing Arguments - Attorney Kratz
    • Closing Arguments - Attorney Buting
    • Peremptory Strikes
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    Then compare Buting's closing Theory of Defense argument in Day 23: Trial Transcripts by using CTRL+F (find) keyword LENK (29 hits), and by closely following Butings' remarks through pages 170 to 184.

    In my opinion, during his closing argument, Buting fails to draw the jury's memory back to Lenk's initial movement into Avery's bathroom on Nov. 5. That is, Lenk is the specific target of the Theory of Defense; the jury needs to be reminded with that pinpoint clarity of a microscopic view into Lenk's activity, as Buting has done in his cross examination of Tyson (above Day 7:Trial Transcripts); but Buting fails.

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