Sweden - Olof Palme, 59, Stockholm, 28 Feb 1986

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    Sweden relaunches Olof Palme murder inquiry

    more at the links

    Guardian 02.2014: Olof Palme murder inquiry takes another twist with revoked alibi
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    They're not going anywhere with these new investigations on Olof Palme murder.
    Unfortunately I think there was a massive plot to kill him...
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    The assassination of the Swedish prime minister Olof Palme in 1986 might be solved. Swedish LE will hold a big press conference tomorrow. The press conference will be streamed on YouTube.

    "Now, more than 34 years later, Sweden's Prosecutor's Office has announced it will present the conclusions of its criminal investigation in a press conference scheduled for Wednesday morning."

    Who assassinated this prime minister and why?

    Sweden to present findings on Olof Palme assassination

    Vem mördade Olof Palme? Den evighetslånga mordgåtan når sin klimax – vi går igenom vad som gäller

    34 år efter mordet – på onsdag kommer besked i Palmeutredningen
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    19 February 2020 rbbm.
    ''What do I need to know about the Palme murder?
    Olof Palme was killed on February 28th, 1986, after leaving a cinema in Stockholm and was walking home with his wife Lisbet. Palme tried to live a normal life in many ways, which included often going out without bodyguards, and on the night in question he had dismissed his bodyguards for the evening before making the cinema plans with his wife and son.

    After saying goodnight to their son and his partner, the couple began their journey home. An attacker approached them and shot Palme from behind, as well as grazing Lisbet with a second bullet. Although passersby tried to revive the 59-year-old leader, it was later found that he had died almost immediately.

    The shocking nature of the murder has been described as a turning point in the national psyche, marking the first murder of a politician in Sweden.''
    ''What else should I know about Olof Palme?
    Palme led the Social Democrat Party and had two stints as prime minister. He was best known as an excellent speaker, and an impromptu speech he gave on holiday in Gotland laid the foundations for Almedalen Week, today the country's major political festival. His debating style was viewed by some as aggressive or arrogant, and his outspoken nature caused disagreements with many, including due to his criticism of the US over the Vietnam War.''
    ''In Sweden, he introduced many of the policies that are today synonymous with the country's welfare state, overseeing the introduction of paid parental leave, universal daycare, and the right to free abortion. ''

    ''Sweden removed the statute of limitations for murder cases back in 2010, partly so that the Palme investigation could continue.''
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    strange. it doesn't sound to me like they are even 90 percent sure this is the man that did it, but they are going to blame it on the dead guy. but ok, sweden. MOO.

    Åklagaren: ”Skandiamannen” mördade Olof Palme

    The 34-year-long investigation has come to an end.

    "Skandiamannen" Stig Engström is identified as the one who murdered Sweden's former prime minister Olof Palme on Sveavägen 1986.

    This is stated by Chief Prosecutor Krister Petersson at Wednesday's press conference.

    The message that "Skandiamannen" Stig Engström murdered former Prime Minister Olof Palme came at Wednesday's press conference.

    "Because that person is dead, I cannot prosecute but have decided to close the preliminary investigation," says prosecutor Krister Petersson.

    According to investigative leader Hans Melander, Stig Engström came on track when a new investigative group was appointed and they then started going through the old material again. Active work began in the fall of 2017.

    - We then concluded that one person did not agree with the other picture, a person who did not fit in. His tasks could not be reconciled with the other witnesses, says Hans Melander.

    Can't rule out conspiracy
    Krister Petersson also says that they investigated whether Stig Engström acted alone or was part of a larger conspiracy.

    - We have not been able to find any support for a conspiracy. But that can't be dismissed, says Petersson.

    Stig Engström.

    Further, Krister Peterson explains that Engström was used to using weapons.

    - But we have no clear tasks that can put a weapon in the hand of Stig Engström. We have seized at least one weapon that matched the caliber used, but unfortunately we did not receive a positive response from the National Forensic Center. But given what is happening, he must have had a weapon in his hand that evening, Peterson notes.

    No one has seen Engström
    He also adds that few witnesses have seen the face of the killer but that the more noticed the attire.

    - None of the witnesses who have been at the crime scene have pointed out that Stig Engström has been at the crime scene at all. If he has been there, he has disappeared before giving any impression to any witness.

    - No one has been able to provide information about him.

    That it has been 34 years since the murder is aggravating, Peterson says, as several witnesses have become old and affected by what has been written and said about the murder.

    - We have noticed that the information provided by the witnesses varies quite considerably from the first interrogations and later, which has made investigative work more difficult.

    - Of all the judgments, the technical evidence will not be able to give us any help. We have to assess what happened to existing material.

    788 weapons have been shot
    A total of 788 weapons have been shot in the investigation.

    "The weapons part is obviously both central and interesting," says Hans Melander, adding that there is evidence to indicate that the weapon is a revolver.

    The investigators have also looked at a large number of bullets.

    The bullet that killed Palme, and the one that turned at wife Lisbeth is of the Winchester type. The caliber is 357 Magnum, Melander explains.

    - Unfortunately there are very few traces on the balls. They are also demolished.

    According to Melander, they are sure that the right bullets have been found. However, you do not think it is possible to attach a weapon to the actual bullets.

    Largest investigation in Sweden
    Furthermore, Hans Melander explains that the Palme investigation, which has been going on for 34 years, is one of the world's largest police investigations.

    - It is usually compared to the murder of John F Kennedy. It is by far the largest investigation conducted in Sweden.

    The investigation contains over 22,000 views and about 90,000 people. More than 10,000 people are heard, of which drug addict Sigge Cedergren most times.

    "He has been heard 43 times," says Hans Melander.

    134 people have acknowledged
    A total of 134 people have admitted the murder, and 29 have admitted directly to the police.

    Hans Melander also explained the different tracks you worked on.

    Among other things, the 33-year-old and Christer Pettersson.

    However, the 33-year-old was able to write off the investigation group relatively easily, says Melander, and Christer Pettersson, who was sentenced in the district court for the murder, with acquittal in the High Court.

    "Nothing concrete to walk on"
    There is also a "Christer A", who lived near the crime scene and had a weapon that could be of the same model as the murder weapon.

    However, he has not been able to show the weapon, and the investigation has not been able to find it.
    Furthermore, Melander mentions the PKK track, with which the first investigative leader Hans Holmér worked actively, as well as South Africa and the so-called police track.

    - The problem is that you don't get anything specific. Unfortunately, there is not that much concrete so you can do so much about it, Melander says.

    "The Skandiamannen" Stig Engström

    ►Born in 1934 in India, where the family stayed when their father was placed in the country through their work. The family lived in a villa with servants, nanny and chef, according to the book The Enemy of the Nation: about the murder of Olof Palme, written by Lars Larsson.

    ►When Engström was 11, he came to Sweden and was placed in boarding school. He did not pass the final exam and was allowed to throw out the back path without a degree, while the classmates ran out, according to the book The unlikely killer of journalist Thomas Pettersson.

    ►In the military, things went better. Under the auspices, he was trained as a platoon commander and reached the sergeant's degree. He remained in the military for a few more years, illustrating manuals at the Royal Army Fabric Administration, the current Defense Materiel Administration.

    ►Later he trained in graphics and drawing and got a job at the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation. Then Stig Engström worked for a time on Sweden's television before getting a job as an advertising consultant at Skandia, on Sveavägen in Stockholm.
    ► In a Swedish article, Engström talks about how he had undergone a crisis a few years earlier in which he questioned his career and what life is all about.

    ►In the early 1980s, Stig Engström became involved in municipal politics, for the Moderates. According to several people whom Thomas Pettersson has spoken to, he must have liked Olof Palme badly. However, these people do not say that Stig Engström was capable of murdering him.

    ► Stig Engström died in 2000, 66 years old.

    Source: TT
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    I haven't been able to find anything about Stig Engstrom's motive to murder Palme!
    Has any of you?
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    June 10 2020 rbbbm.
    Prosecutors In Sweden Finally Close Case On 1986 Assassination Of Olof Palme
    Stig Engström, also known as "Skandia man," photographed outside Skandia's offices in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1986.

    ''Pettersson, a petty criminal, was found guilty of the assassination in 1989, but his conviction was overturned the following year in a decision citing lack of evidence – most notably the absence of a murder weapon, which investigators believed to have been a .357 Smith & Wesson Magnum. Christer Pettersson died in 2004.

    In a 2018 interview with The New York Times, Thomas Petterson, the journalist, said Engström, who had served in the military, had access to the same kind of weapon used in the assassination, had been active in a shooting club and had political and private motives.

    The journalist, who said he had investigated the case for 12 years, also noted that Engström had lied to police, had "the right timing, the right clothing ... unique information," and that he had "a deep political interest and a deep anti-Palme sentiment."
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    Sorry for two posts in a row, but this link seems to contradict the one above regarding motive.. rbbm.
    Doubts remain as Sweden closes case of Olof Palme assassination after 34 years
    “It is my sincere hope that this wound can now be allowed to heal,” Prime Minister Stefan Lofven told reporters at a news conference, describing the murder as a national trauma.

    But the suspicion of many Swedes is unlikely to be satisfied by Wednesday’s accusation, against a long dead suspect with no political profile, based on evidence the prosecutor acknowledged would have been too thin to secure a conviction.

    “The Palme investigation concluded in the manner that has defined it since the very beginning: a great anticlimax,” daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter said. “Instead of clarity concerning the issue of guilt, we got a monument to a policing fiasco.”
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    Wow, what a farce! This seems worse than blaming JFK on LHO. 35 years of investigation and this is what they came up with. "Yeah, we solved it.....too bad the guy is dead. Everyone can focus on other things now....Nothing to see here"
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