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    New page at Tallahassee Democrat has links to all stories covered and consolidated on GMH and Cheryl Dunlap onto one page:


    Residents, friends help search for missing Crawfordville woman
    About 180 people walked in a line Saturday as they combed the dense woods west

    [​IMG] Updated: Sheriff Campbell says it's Florida's turn to prosecute Hilton
    “We have sat patiently waiting for him to go through the legal processes in North Carolina and Georgia,” Sheriff Larry Campbell said. “And it’s now our turn.”</B></I>

    [​IMG] Hilton to be held in Leon County Jail when extradited
    Gary Michael Hilton could be sent to Florida this week to face charges of murder, kidnapping and grand theft in the death of Cheryl Dunlap, authorities said Tuesday.</B></I>

    [​IMG] Hilton can appeal extradition to Florida
    Leon County prosecutors were hoping to have Gary Michael Hilton extradited Friday, but their plans were thwarted when a Georgia judge gave Hilton 30 days to appeal the order.</B></I>

    [​IMG] Cheryl Dunlap honored in Crawfordville ceremony
    Family and friends of Cheryl Dunlap gathered Saturday in Crawfordville to remember the late Sunday School teacher, nurse and mother of two.</B></I>

    Gary Hilton fights extradition to Florida in Cheryl Dunlap murder case
    Gary Michael Hilton, who pleaded guilty to the murder of hiker Meredith Emerson in December, told a Lamar County, Ga., Superior Court judge Thursday that he would fight extradition to Florida. He faces murder charges in the death of Crawfordville resident Cheryl Hodges Dunlap. Her body was found late last year in the Apalachicola National Forest in Leon County.</B></I>

    Man charged in Dunlap's death details killing of Georgia woman
    ATLANTA - Meredith Emerson used her wits and martial arts training when she was attacked in the north Georgia mountains by a drifter who eventually killed and decapitated her, the convicted killer told investigators.</B></I>

    Lawyers appointed to represent Hilton
    Two assistant public defenders have been appointed to represent the man indicted in the December killing of Crawfordville resident Cheryl Dunlap. Ines Suber, chief of the capital murder division, and Steve Been were appointed to represent Gary Michael Hilton, 61, who is currently in a Georgia prison.</B></I>

    Hilton indicted in Dunlap slaying
    A Leon County grand jury indicted Gary Michael Hilton on Thursday in connection with the murder of Cheryl Dunlap.</B></I>

    A glimpse into Hilton's history
    Gary Michael Hilton, the prime suspect in the death of Crawfordville nurse Cheryl Dunlap, was an unkempt recluse who seemed to care about no one but his dog, former neighbors and co-workers say.</B></I>

    Officials collect Hilton evidence

    Hilton pleads guilty to death of Georgia hiker
    Gary Michael Hilton was sentenced Thursday to life in prison without parole after pleading guilty to murder in the beating-death of a young woman hiker in the north Georgia mountains.</B></I>

    Hilton sightings reported
    More people have come forward with sightings of Gary Michael Hilton, the drifter who is the prime suspect in the killing of Cheryl Dunlap, Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell said Wednesday.</B></I>

    LCSO assays Hilton, Dunlap link
    Leon County investigators in the Cheryl Dunlap killing studied more than 500 pieces of evidence taken from crime scenes in three states during their trip to north Georgia.</B></I>

    Hilton may figure in 2005 disappearance
    North Carolina authorities are looking into the possibility that drifter Gary Michael Hilton was connected to the 2005 disappearance of another hiker.</B></I>

    Detectives looking for Dunlap links in Ga.
    Detectives from Florida left for Georgia on Monday to look into similarities between the deaths of Cheryl Dunlap and the slaying of Georgia hiker Meredith Emerson.</B></I>

    Police reports link Hilton to violence

    Dunlap case leaves questions
    The arrest of Gary Michael Hilton in the death of a Georgia hiker and news that he's a prime suspect in Cheryl Dunlap's killing has brought cautious relief to the community.</B></I>

    Hilton investigated for at least five deaths
    The prime suspect in Cheryl Dunlap's death is being investigated in at least five deaths spanning three states.</B></I>

    Missed tip deepens tragedy of murders
    I'm not expert enough to know whether the Leon County Sheriff's Office properly handled a tip from a local hunter Dec. 19 about a man in the Apalachicola National Forest, which came in the midst of its investigation into the murder of Cheryl Dunlap.</B></I>

    Dunlap details not confirmed
    CNN and its affiliates, citing an anonymous source, are reporting that Cheryl Dunlap, a 46-year-old nurse from Crawfordville, was decapitated, which could further connect her case to that of a Georgia hiker, who was found dead Monday.</B></I>

    'WE HAVE A PRIME SUSPECT' : Suspect in hiker's murder connected to Dunlap case
    Gary Michael Hilton, who's been charged in connection with the murder of a Georgia hiker, is believed to have been in the Tallahassee area at least two weeks before Cheryl Dunlap went missing.</B></I>

    The order of events:
    Oct. 21: Jack and Irene Bryant, a couple in their 80s, disappear in North Carolina's Pisgah National Forest. Someone uses their ATM card after their disappearance.</B></I>

    Cautious relief hangs over Wakulla residents
    Wakulla County residents' fears haven't lifted yet.</B></I>

    News of suspect capture doesn't ease fears for local women
    Widespread unease after the apparently random killing of Crawfordville resident Cheryl Dunlap has prompted women in the area to sign up for personal safety courses at local law enforcement agencies.</B></I>

    Dunlap connection considered
    Leon County Sheriff's deputies say there are similarities that have "piqued their interest" between the slaying of a hiker in Georgia and the death of Cheryl Dunlap, whose body was found last month in the Apalachicola National Forest.</B></I>

    Sheriff discusses Dunlap case
    Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell said investigators have released all the information they can in the Cheryl Dunlap homicide without compromising the investigation.</B></I>

    Dunlap mourned at funeral
    CRAWFORDVILLE — Speakers at the funeral for slain Crawfordville woman Cheryl Dunlap urged her friends and family to fight evil with good deeds.</B></I>

    Two trucks wanted in Dunlap case
    Local law-enforcement agencies are still looking for two "vehicles of interest" in the Cheryl Dunlap homicide case.</B></I>

    LCSO releases more truck details
    Leon County sheriff's deputies looking for a "vehicle of interest" in the Cheryl Dunlap case say it's likely a 2005 or newer-model Nissan Titan with an extended cab.</B></I>

    Tips line nets leads in homicide
    Crime Stoppers received 28 tips by Friday morning about a "unique-looking" truck that investigators are trying to track down as part of the investigation into who killed Cheryl Dunlap.</B></I>

    Authorities seek owner of green truck in Dunlap investigation
    Investigators are searching for the owner of a "unique-looking" green truck for questioning in the slaying of Cheryl Dunlap.</B></I>

    Woman's autopsy may be done today
    An autopsy on the body of a woman found Saturday in the Apalachicola National Forest should be completed by today, according to the Leon County Sheriff's Office.</B></I>

    ATM video links man to missing woman

    Volunteers needed for missing-woman search
    The Wakulla County Sheriff's Office is planning to search today for Cheryl Hodges Dunlap, who has been missing since Dec. 1. Volunteers are needed, and they are asked to meet 9 a.m. at the New Light Church, 480 New Light Church Road. Volunteers are asked to bring plenty of water and to wear long pants and outdoors shoes.</B></I>

    Wakulla woman still missing
    CRAWFORDVILLE — The search is still on for a 46-year-old Wakulla County woman who has been missing since the weekend.</B></I>

    Missing woman's vehicle found
    The Wakulla County Sheriff's Office is looking for a Crawfordville woman who didn't show up for work on Monday after missing her church duties on Sunday.</B></I>

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