Ten Year Anniversary


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Feb 13, 2015
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Tomorrow marks 10 years Tara has been missing. I so wish her family could find answers.
Such a bizarre case. My belief is that the GBI probably has a good idea who did this but the odds of her body being found (if you are working under the assumption that she is deceased, which I am) at this point are practically nil. I am from this area from which she disappeared and of course rumors run rampant but I believe, that without a confession, this case will never be closed and I have much empathy for the family because the not knowing must be unbearable. My personal theory is that it was someone she knew and left with willingly, and that whatever transpired was accidental. I do not believe that it was a pre-planned thing but possibly a heat of the moment exchange that led to her demise. Regardless, it is tragic that she is gone and the family has to live with not knowing. My thoughts are with them today and I hope they reflect on the person she was and not the heartache of this day, which I am sure they feel daily.
I found this interesting.
Though Ricketson declined to go into specifics, he mentioned the scientific "leaps and bounds" that have been made regarding DNA in the past decade.

Labs, he said, are "able to separate DNA that had maybe been meshed."

Read more here: http://www.macon.com/news/local/crime/article39641307.html#storylink=cpy


This got me thinking about the latex glove with the unknown DNA. If there are 2 sets of DNA on it, maybe this could tell us who planted the glove there. I firmly believe the glove was planted to throw people off. IMO
If you are from the area...is the local feeling that HD might be a little more involved than things seem? MH gives anyone the perfect alibi and after all of the years of research on this I actually feel like he isn't involved at all. He takes the heat and suspicion because who else would it be? but in reality I think he is innocent. I don't think you would ever get a confession out of HD but his wife might be a different story. How happy could she really be with the affair? Press her and break the case IMHO.

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