The Crown v Gerard Baden-Clay, 1st July - Trial Day 13, Week 3

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I still can't really understand why NBC and OW were called as witnesses by the prosecution, unless to illustrate for the jury the sort of mentality Allison had to cope with from that quarter

What did NBC and OW contribute as far as evidence is concerned? I thought their testimony was a load of drivel. It implanted in the minds of the jury that Allison was a long-term, useless, dependent depressive. And they were prosecution witnesses, weren't they?

So did OW and NBC insist on having their ten minutes on the stand? Why then weren't they called by the defence, considering they added not a lot to the prosecution's case?

Thanks Poss.

the girls are members of the Brownies

"Childcare, school, ballet, Brownies, everyone has sent their messages and packages and love to sustain them," Ms Walton said.
The significance of the PJs is not that she wasn't wearing them, it's that they were (as far as we know) never found. It fits that whatever was on them (his cheek blood or Allison's DNA from a huge fright) was incriminating.

Just doing a rewind to yesterday it seems the chequered pyjamas are a big part of this case now. We don't know yet if they were missing or not.

However, if they are missing this is what I'm thinking may have occurred.

I think she was murdered in that bedroom. He dragged her by her feet (see QC Fuller's opening address) out through the door leading onto patio. Her hair & sloppy joe/tracksuit top collects the leaves along the way.

He bundled her body into the Captiva just outside in the carport. '

On the way to Kholo a trickle of blood comes from her mouth or nose. He dumps her under the bridge.

But either at that moment or later, he realises his "she went for a walk" story won't fit with her still wearing pyjamas so he returns to Kholo with the pair of 3/4 length pants = interfering with a corpse.
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