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Jan 31, 2023
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Hi all, Happy New Year, sorry for the late response, been busy for a few weeks here. I wanted to share that I dug a bit further into this font and in fact the site I previously mentioned is wrong. It is not from Summitsoft - the Growler font was from the company Fontworks, which is based in Japan. In doing some simple Google searching, I found out that Fontworks is a rather large Japanese graphics/creative name in Japan, sort of akin to Adobe. Matter of fact, there is even crossover between Adobe and Fontworks. I was able to find the actual .otf font file for Growler, feel free to install it and check it out for yourself, here.

I do caution people that just because this font seems like a match, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's the actual font, nor does it mean that it was even remotely sourced/related/inspired by this font. Perhaps a more likely situation is that, the tool used is in that crescent ( shape. If you take a look at the H it's obviously just two (s and a center line, but what's not so obvious is that the M can be made entirely with (s as well, 4 of them. If you measure the angles and sizing of the (s they do check out as being identical.

So this said, I don't necessarily know what to think of this. However, I do find it very eerie how similar this font is, presumably the belt font and this .otf file are based on the same typefacing technique, that is, how the lettering is made. Further adding to the curiosity here is that there is virtually no information on this Growler font, which, while not necessarily surprising, is quite unusual (I work in production media professionally). In any case, I thought this forum would appreciate this, and perhaps that above link will give you some more Fontworks fonts to dig into. One thing I have not done that may be worth doing is to reach out to Fontworks and inquire about any licensing/usage known of this font. They may have no idea, as fonts, especially open source ones, spread freely, but perhaps they would know the original distribution channel of the typefaces, etc. Something I have thought of.

Very happy to be a part of this community, I have been following for many years. Cheers, and talk soon.

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