The Luckiest Unlucky Guy

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    If ever someone needed a four-leaf clover, a rabbit's foot, or a lucky penny, Bob Andrews of Jamestown would be the guy.

    The 74-year old man has tempted fate many times.

    And all he can do is laugh about it.

    "I had a lot of things happen," which one can argue is one of the biggest understatements.

    Bob shows the marks on his arms from a lightning strike three weeks ago.

    "Fire was shooting out of my head," he said. Bob said he tasted copper, his hair was all on end, and for hours he saw only black and white.

    "It didn't make me any smarter," he laughed.

    Then there was the time back in the 1970s when Bob was driving to work on an icy January day.

    He said he hit a piece of wood frozen in the road, his car door flew open and he flew out, rolling down a hill.

    He said the car came rolling down after him, pinning him against a snowbank.

    Rescue crews came, he was checked out at a local hospital, and then he went on his way.

    Bob Andrews recalls the time back during his military days, as a soldier serving in Germany.

    He and a bunch of guys climbed on the back of a Sherman Tank, he says, when the driver put the tank in reverse, by mistake.

    "We all flew out the back end and he just kept going back," running over Bob and some fellow soldiers.

    He said he survived by being pushed down in soft soil or sand, was taken to a MASH hospital, where he stayed for about 6 weeks.

    "I'd say I'm very fortunate." That's how Bob looks at it. "Blessed, that's better, blessed," said Betty Andrews. "It's a miracle he's alive."
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