Those Wacky Aussies!!! Good to Their Ho's.

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    Number of prostitutes to rise

    QUEENSLAND prostitutes will now be able to take a break during peak times, with the Government allowing an increase in the number of workers at each brothel.

    The new laws, part of the Government's response to the recent review of the Prostitution Act by the Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC), would also make it illegal for clients to ask prostitutes to have sex, including oral sex, without a condom.

    Premier Peter Beattie denied the number of sex workers would increase in the state because of the changes, saying many prostitutes might now choose to work extra shifts.

    Under the changes, eight prostitutes will now be allowed to work in each brothel, which is limited to only five rooms, per shift.

    Currently, brothels are only allowed to employ five sex workers per shift.

    * * *

    "We've got growth in the legal industry and growth in the illegal industry."

    But Police Minister Judy Spence said street prostitution had dropped considerably since the Government introduced legalised brothels.

    Queensland currently had 19 legal brothels, she said.
    * * *

    Mr Beattie said the Government was still opposed to allowing brothels to run escort services, but would wait for a separate CMC report before making a final decision on that issue.

    "We'll take some convincing on it, but we're prepared to have an open mind," he said.

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