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    (Liberty German’s sister went to CrimeCon:

    “Q: You started your Twitter feed – @libertyg_sister – dedicated to the case in May. What was the purpose there?

    German: My family, we all went to CrimeCon (a convention in May in Nashville), which was a super-cool experience. We'd never heard of it before. And I met Michelle Cruz, whose sister was the last victim of the Golden State Killer. Michelle played a really big part in the social media campaign of the Golden State Killer, of trying to find him and seek out who he was. And we had a lot in common because Michelle's sister died and then my sister died, so you don't meet a lot of people whose sisters are murdered, so we kind of grew a connection. And through her, I learned a lot of stuff that we needed to do differently.

    So, I started doing podcasts and getting into social media. And when we were talking, we said one of the big problems is that people my age don't watch the news or read news articles as often as they listen to podcasts or watch YouTube or go through social media. My goal was to reach more people my age or even like a little bit older who don't watch that kind of stuff and don't hear about it, so that maybe I could reach that one person who needs to hear about it.

    Q: Have you seen some results from that?

    German: I haven't reached the amount of people I was hoping I would have reached by now, but I have reached so many people who needed to talk to me. There's so many more people who are wanting to get involved in the case now that I think it's reaching more people. And I am reaching more high schoolers and more college students because of it. What I've done more than anything, though, is I've met people who are going through the same things I'm going through, so I'm helping people more than anything else really.

    Q: Did that surprise you to meet so many people in similar situations?

    German: Yeah. When you go through it, you think that you're alone and that not very many people go through this. But when I started my Twitter and Instagram accounts, I met more people who are victims' family members than I ever thought I would meet. I've met hundreds of people who have gone through similar circumstances, or maybe not even similar, but go along the same lines of what's happened.”

    Delphi murders: Libby’s sister, at Ball State now, does ‘anything to keep the story alive’ )
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    We're doing the event in Seattle for 2019

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