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    Please see copyright notice which applies to both Part 1 and Part 2 of this work. This thorough document was compiled by concerned citizens and members of WebSleuth. Please give appropriate credit if you take information from here.

    This is the latest revised version of the timeline. Please visit the "working thread" to post additional information, suggest corrections or questions to the author and for general discussion of this document. Click here: TIMELINE: Garrido's Life; Child Abductions; Adult Murders- WORK IN PROCESS.

    Early Years

    Garrido born April 5, 1951, in Pittsburg, the 2nd child of Patricia and Manuel of Brentwood.

    Public records show Nancy Garrido (nee Bocanegra) was born in Texas in 1955., possibly July 18.

    Garrido's brother told the SF Chronicle that the brothers grew up in Brentwood with their parents. He said their childhood was relatively unremarkable.

    Garrido's motorcycle accident was in 1968 according to his father.

    Garrido admitted that starting in 1968 he hung around schools and pleasured himself while "watching young females" aged 7 - 10.

    Garrido's brother said Phillip Garrido began acting out, using LSD and dealing drugs.

    Garrido attended Liberty Union High School in Brentwood, CA (years ? to ?). He would have graduated in 1969, but it is unclear if he did.

    Garrido arrested in 1969 for possession of marijuana and LSD and sent to CCCSO's Marsh Creek Detention Facility in Clayton. We don't know yet how long he was there.


    Garrido's brother said Phillip left California after learning that fellow drug dealers “had a contract out on him.” Relatives said Garrido moved to Reno when he was about 19 years old. QUESTION: Are there records to confirm this?

    Donna Ann Lass, age 26, South Lake Tahoe, September 6, 1970 (not found)

    Garrido's parents, Patricia L. (Smith) and Manuel Garrido, divorce January 1971.

    Christine Marie Eastin, age 19, Hayward, 1/18/1971 (not found)

    In 1972, Garrido picked up two 14-year old girls from the Antioch Public Library, 501 W. 18th Street, Antioch, took them on a joyride, gave them drugs, reportedly took them to his house where he had a shed. He took one of the girls to the rural Riverview Motel, 3120 E. 18th St, Antioch, where she was repeatedly sexually assaulted. Garrido was charged. However, the prosecution was dropped when the young victim refused to testify. Incidentally, the Antioch Library is directly across the street from what was then known as Antioch Junior High (now Antioch Middle School), down the street from Antioch Senior High (now Antioch High School), and very near Fremont Elementary and Marsh Elementary schools.

    Anna Christian Waters, age 5, rural San Mateo County, 1/16/1973 (not found)

    Garrido marries his first wife 3/11/1973 in Nevada. She was 19. She told Inside Edition that while the two were dating, Garrido was accused of raping a teenager. At the time, she said, she believed her high school sweetheart when he told her the girl was lying.

    QUESTION: where was Garrido living 1973 - 1976. Was he living in Reno this entire time? (If so, do we want to include related Reno area cold cases for this period?).

    Tracy Lynn Davenport, age 6, San Rafael, 4/27/1973 (not found)

    Corinne June Groenenberg, age 14, Modesto, 11/1/73 (not found)

    Lulaida Morales Sejalbo, age 17, Santa Clara, 11/25/1973 (not found)

    Cynthia Lynn Sumpter, age 5, San Jose, 4/27/1974 (not found)

    Court documents show Garrido was living on Market Street in Reno in 1976.

    Garrido kidnapped a 25 year old woman in South Lake Tahoe 11/22/1976 and took her to Reno (across state lines making it a federal case). She was held over 8 hours before police found Garrido sexually assaulting the victim in a storage unit in the 3000 block of Mill Street at 2:30 am., November 23, 1976.

    Prior to kidnapping this victim, he attempted the kidnap of another woman in South Lake Tahoe that same evening.

    Garrido is declared competent to stand trial 12/15/1976.

    Neurological tests determine no hard evidence of brain damage 1/6/1977.

    Garrido convicted of the 11/22/1976 offense on March 9, 1977. (Source: Nevada Department of Public Safety)

    Garrido sentenced March 11, 1977 to 50 years in federal prison for kidnapping for the 11/22/1978 offenses. (Source: Federal Bureau of Prisons)

    Garrido sentenced April 11, 1977 to five-years-to-life in Nevada for forcible rape. The Nevada sentence ran concurrently with the federal sentence. (Source: Neveda Department of Corrections)

    Garrido begins serving his 50-year federal sentence at the U.S. Penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas, on June 30, 1977. (Source: Nevada Department of Public Safety)

    Garrido met 2nd wife Nancy while he was in prison at Levenworth.

    Garrido's mother re-married in 1978.

    Garrido's mother and step-father purchase the home at 1554 Walnut Avenue, Antioch, 7/20/1979, per County records.


    Public records show Nancy Garrido (nee Bocanegra) eventually moved from (area unknown), Texas and at some point lived in New York City. She was living in Denver when she went to visit an uncle imprisoned at Levenworth. It was there she met fellow prisoner Phillip Garrido.

    Garrido marries Nancy Bocanegra 10/4/1981 while incarcerated at Levenworth. It is not yet known how long they "dated" prior to being wed by the prison chaplain.

    Nancy moved to Levenworth (date unknown); Phil served another 7 years of his sentence.

    QUESTION: The executive director of Contra Costa ARC said that when Nancy applied for a position as a CNA in 1994, she arrived with "a stellar resume dating back to 1981, with gushing recommendations". What is Nancy's actual employment history???

    Garrido was transferred from USP Leavenworth to the Federal Correctional Complex in Lompoc, California, on March 19, 1986. (Source: Federal Bureau of Prisons)

    Garrido is granted parole from his federal sentence on January 20, 1988. (Source: Federal Bureau of Prisons)

    Garrido turned over to Nevada authorities (Northern Nevada Correctional Center) on 1/22/1988 to serve the remainder of his state sentence for rape.

    Amber Swartz Garcia, age 7, Pinole, June 3, 1988 (not found) (Curtis Dean Anderson confessed to this crime)

    Garrido incarcerated 6/30/1977 through 8/26/1988 (intentionally repeated).

    Garrido released to parole from the Nevada Department of Corrections on August 26, 1988. He was on federal parole supervision and Nevada parole supervision in the state of California. He was paroled to live in Antioch, California. (Source: Nevada Department of Corrections, Nevada Department of Public Safety) Note: this conflicts with the following information that he was paroled to a hallway house in Oakland, which came from various news sources:

    Garrido paroled to an Oakland halfway house 8/26/1988.

    Garrido left the Oakland halfway house and went to Lake Tahoe in November 1988; he went to the roulette table where his 1976 victim was working and greeted her by name.

    Question: how long was Garrido living at halfway house in Oakland? Where did he go from there? What kind of transportation was he using? For example, how did he get to South Lake Tahoe in November 1988. When did he return to living in Antioch?

    Shantelle Hudson, 16, Dayton, NV, November 14, 1988 (not found). Dayton is about 40+/- miles SE of Reno.

    Michaela Garecht, 9, Hayward, November 19, 1988 (not found)

    Garrido’s federal sentence expires December 16, 1988. He is now under the supervision of the U.S. Parole Commission. (Source: Federal Bureau of Prisons)

    Ilene Misheloff, 13, Dublin, Monday, January 30, 1989 (not found)

    Jennifer (age 6) and Charles (8) Chia, Reno, 10/18/1989. The children's bodies were found 9 months later (7/1990) in a shallow grave next to Highway 70 near Blairsden in Plumas County, California, about 60 miles NW of Reno, Nevada. The case remains unsolved.

    Nancy Garrido became a certified nurse assistant in 1989, according to California Department of Public Health records.

    Phil and Nancy Garrido settle into his mother's home at 1554 Walnut Avenue, Antioch, sometime after his release from the Oakland halfway house. Did they come to live in Antioch in late 1988? 1989? 1990? or early 1991? Where were they living around this time?

    continued in Part 2

    © 2009 Websleuths.com and Cali Californian. All rights reserved.
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    Please see copyright notice which applies to both Part 1 and Part 2 of this work. This thorough document was compiled by concerned citizens and members of WebSleuth. Please give appropriate credit if you take any information from here.


    Monica DaSilva, 7, Reno, 9/23/1990. This child was kidnapped from her home. Her remains were found weeks later. The case remains unsolved.

    Garrido reportedly tells a neighbor he is a musician, shows neighbor his soundproof room at the Walnut Avenue property in 1991.

    Jaycee Lee Dugard, age 11, is kidnapped from the South Lake Tahoe area, June 10, 1991. She was found 18 years later being held captive by the Garridos along with her two daughters. Police say Nancy pulled Jaycee Lee Dugard into the car while Phil Garrido drove.

    One of Garrido's neighbors said he met Jaycee through the fence in the summer of 1991. Shortly after that, the neighbor said Garrido heightened the fence, preventing further communication.

    Jaycee's case is featured on "America's Most Wanted" 6/14/1991.

    Amanda Campbell, age 4, Fairfield, December 27, 1991 (not found)

    Sharon Mattos, adult, Pittsburg, July 18, 1992 (her body was found in a field in Pittsburg)

    Andrea Ingersoll, adult, West Pittsburg/Bay Point, November 12, 1992 (her body was found in a field in West Pittsburg/Bay Point)

    Elsa Janell Wind, 13, North San Juan, September 26, 1992 (not found)

    Garrido had another brush with law enforcement which resulted in him being taken in for a parole violation (rumored drug possession) in April 1993. According to Cranston Mitchell of the U.S. Parole Commission, Garrido violated parole twice; Mitchell characterized the violations as "minor offenses".

    Garrido is returned to custody in a federal correctional facility on April 2, 1993 for a parole violation. (Source: Federal Bureau of Prisons) ... or
    Garrido spent 38 days in a "secure facility" then released to home confinement supervision. According to the Bureau of Prisons, Garrido was in federal custody from April 4, 1993 until May 10, 1993. Nancy held Jaycee during this time.

    Garrido was then released to home confinement May 10 through August 31, 1993.

    Garrido was relieved of supervision in August 1993.

    Garrido is released to parole again August 31, 1993 from a federal correctional facility. (Source: Federal Bureau of Prisons)

    Melissa Ann Espinoza, age 12, Rancho Cordova, 12/3/1993 (not found)

    Garrido "kept tabs" on his 1976 victim, calling her at times until she moved away from Patterson, CA, in 1995, where she had re-located from South Lake Tahoe.

    Jaycee's older daughter born 1994-1995.

    Nancy Garrido worked full-time for Contra Costa ARC from December 1994 through March 1998 as a nursing aide and physical therapy aide. She arrived at the company with a valid California Nurse Aide (CNA) license, a history of nursing home work and a long résumé with both in-state and out-of-state references dating to 1981.

    Nancy Garrido's certified nurse assistant certification expired in 1995 when she failed to renew it.

    Vanessa Dawn Smith, 15, Winton, 5/31/1997 (not found). Winton is about 37 miles SE of Patterson, CA.

    Jaycee's younger daughter born in 1997 -1998.

    Nancy Garrido's employment with Contra Costa ARC ends in March 1998.

    Question: when did Garrido start his Printing For Less business? Many customers have recently said they have done business with him more than 10 years, or at least 1998-99. This includes the recyling center on Loveridge Road near where several of the following victims were found.

    Lisa Norrell, age 15, Pittsburg, disappeared November 06, 1998, after she left an event at the former IDES Hall, 111 W. 10th Street, Antioch. Her black shoes were found on the Pittsburg-Antioch Highway the next morning while her body was found 8 days later on the same road, near (the former) Nav-Let's Garden Center, Pittsburg. Coroner's report said Lisa died from asphyxia; other details were withheld. However, this article reveals Lisa might have been strangled with a cord or rope.

    Note: November 19, 1998: Police received a report of an attempted kidnapping on E. 18th St. just west of Hillcrest Ave., in Antioch. Man tries to pull women from sidewalk into the bushes. I'm including this here because this is a short distance from Walnut Avenue and might be relevant.

    Jessica Frederick, 24, Pittsburg, December 5, 1998 (multiple cut and stab wounds, found on
    Harbor Street in Pittsburg
    down the road from Old Highway 4 where Lisa was found) (map of approximate location Jessica was found is based on my memory of the crime).

    Rachel Cruise, 32, Pittsburg, December 15, 1998 (asphyxia and strangulation, found in a ditch on California Avenue which is near where Lisa’s body was found on Old Highway 4. Another source said she was found near an auto wrecking yard. The coroner's report on her death suggested that her body had been dragged along the road for a short period of time.) Map of approximate location Rachel was found.

    TD (full name omitted to respect privacy), 38, West Pittsburg/Bay Point, December 15, 1998 (found beaten in a portable toilet off Willow Pass Road and survived)

    Valerie Dawn "China" Schultz, 27, Pittsburg, January 08, 1999 (multiple stab wounds, strangulation, found dead in an industrial area in Pittsburg, possibly on Willow Pass Road. It is unconfirmed if Valerie might be the victim Jim Molino said was impaled on a fence at his business, J&M Auto Wreckers.)

    Note: A "walking" narrative of the above locations is posted here: [ame="http://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?p=4103967#post4103967"]http://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?p=4103967#post4103967[/ame]. These maps include directions from Garrido's house to the locations.

    Garrido was "discharged" from federal parole supervision in March 1999.

    Garrido's parole transferred to California June 8, 1999. ???

    On June 8, 1999, the California Department of Corrections begins parole supervision of Garrido, who is on lifetime parole in Nevada, under the terms of the Interstate Compact. The Department’s California Interstate Compact Unit accepted the transfer request because Garrido was residing with his wife and mother in Antioch. (Source: California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation)


    Neighbors called CCCSO with concerns on or around November 30, 2006. Deputy speaks to Garrido outside of home; clears call within 30 minutes.

    Within the past two year (approximately 2007) state parole agents strapped Garrido with a "passive" GPS anklet. Agents did not actively monitor his whereabouts, but could see later where he had traveled.

    Garrido signs up on Blogger/Blogspot February 2007. Garrido's blogs reveal he used an alias for e-mail purposes: phillipcknight@yahoo.com - Phillip C. Knight.

    Nancy Garrido starts Talent Revealed blog January 2008.

    Garrido was the subject of a criminal probe in 2008 regarding allegations that from late 2007 to March 2008, Garrido swindled Dilbert "Jack" Medieros, now 79, of nearly $18,000. Prosecutors cited insufficient evidence in declining to file charges.

    Garrido hired former peace officer with 33+ years LE experience (Ralph Hernandez, Aardvark Investigations) to work on a case regarding his sound machine. Hernandez went into Garrido's house, met a 15-20 year old woman, but didn't have any reservations about the house(hold).

    A multiagency task force in Contra Costa County searched his home in July 2008 as part of a sexual offender compliance check. The team looked in the back, but saw only a screened-in porch and a back fence. There were no signs of children living there.

    Garrido reportedly gave client Gomes a document last October 2008 and allegedly said "... . It tells how God healed me from pornography and prostitutes."

    Garrido took Jaycee's daughters to a Sweet 16 birthday party for [ame=http://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?t=88438]Cheyvonne Molino[/ame]'s daughter sometime in August 2009 (between two weeks to a few days prior to 8/26/2009). He either kept them by his side or dropped them off and returned a couple hours later to pick them up; there are conflicting reports on this detail. The party might have been held August 15.

    Garrido delivers manifesto to FBI's San Francisco office on 8/24/2009, likely before going to Berkeley.

    Garrido goes to UC Berkeley campus on 8/24/2009; requests permission to distribute religious information. Diligent UC Officers suspect wrongdoing and arrange for Garrido to return the next day, which he did. Officer Jacobs calls Garrido's parole officer.

    Garrido was ordered to appear for a parole meeting and arrived Wednesday 8/26/09 with Jaycee, his wife and two children. During questioning, corrections officials said he admitted kidnapping Dugard.

    Law enforcement agencies search the Garrido's Walnut Avenue home 8/27/2009.

    On August 27, 2009, Nevada Department of Public Safety’s Division of Parole and Probation sent a detainer to California asking for a hold on Garrido for violation of his parole in Nevada. (Source: Nevada Department of Public Safety)

    In a jailhouse interview with news reporter, Garrido says "they slept in my arms every single night from birth...(breaking down) never did I harm them, I never touched them." (speaking about Jaycee's daughters)

    Both Garridos are charged with 29 criminal counts 8/28/2009 including kidnapping, rape and false imprisonment.

    9/8/09 LE reports that a bone fragment found near Garrido's property is "probably" human and will be subject to further analysis.

    9/9/09 LE officers raid the homes and business of Garrido's business associates, Jim and Cheyvonne Molino, in the search for new evidence.

    cali posted original timeline in the "Are there other victims" thread Monday 8/31.
    edited at 7:53 pm to correct details of where Rachel Cruise and Jessica Fredrick were found.
    edited at 7:55 pm to add additional details about (Name Omitted) was found.
    edited at 9:31 pm to add additional information provided by Bibliophile.
    re-posted updated draft to "Other Victims" forum Tuesday.
    posted as new topic Tuesday 9/1 per request from Linask.
    edits between 9/1-3 are described in posts below original post in working thread.
    new edits are in black/bold 9/4/09.
    new edits are in red/bold 9/9/09.

    © 2009 Websleuths.com and Cali Californian. All rights reserved.
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