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    I created these timelines for my personal use in tracking the case, and will continue to keep my personal timelines in my WS blog. Please feel free to copy, change, add, subtract, or modify the ones in these threads, however you need to, for your own use in helping to find Gabriel.


    Elizabeth calls and text messages Logan. First, she texts Logan that she has killed Gabriel. Then she calls Logan and tells him that if they are not going to be together and have a family, then neither of them are going to have Gabriel.

    Logan asks Elizabeth where Gabriel is, and Elizabeth says, "You know where he`s at, I already told you."

    Logan asks where Gabriel is, and Elizabeth responds that she suffocated Gabriel, stuffed him in a diaper bag, and put him in a dumpster.

    Logan goes to the police station and reports Elizabeth statements at 1:05pm.

    Elizabeth texts Tammi and tells her she did not kill Gabriel. It is unclear if Elizabeth sent this text on this or a later date. Elizabeth refuses to talk on the phone with Tammi on this date forward.

    One and only media outlet has reported the following: "But McQueary says he believes Gabriel is still alive, considering he and Johnson were last seen at a park after McQueary received the threatening messages."


    Elizabeth is captured on surveillance video driving into the parking lot of the Motel 6 at approximately 11:45am.

    Elizabeth sits in the car alone for approximately 5 to 15 minutes.

    At approximately 12:00pm, Elizabeth walks across the street to a Tornado Bus station.

    Elizabeth purchases a one way ticket to Fort Lauderdale FL for $180, using the false name 'Elizabeth Jones'.

    The employee who sold her the ticket reports that she was alone, and had only a backpack.

    Elizabeth waits in the bus station until she boards the bus.

    The bus leaves at 1:00 pm.

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    BUMP due to discussion of timeline of this date on another thread.

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