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Nov 1, 2008
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SEPT 2003
In September 2003, when Clark was a senior at Branford High School in Connecticut, his girlfriend and her mother told police that Clark forced the girl to have sex at one point, according to the New Haven Independent, which put it this way...."According to a 2003 police report obtained by the Independent earlier this week, she told police he forced her to have sex with him and he 'confronted' her, when against his wishes, she sought to end the relationship. However, she declined to press charges."

The jobs are competitive, and many get through the door with the help of a friend or relative. Mr. Clark’s brother-in-law and sister also work as animal technicians, and she recommended Mr. Clark for a position in the washing center in 2004, the year he graduated from high school in nearby Branford.

Yale’s Web site says it conducts criminal background checks of its employees, and since 2007, it has required all educational and employment credentials be verified.
Clark, a 2004 graduate of Branford High School, belonged to three clubs, according to his yearbook; one that focused on Asian culture, another that drew attention to the plight of the homeless, and a third that stressed charity..

Some thought Mr. Clark went beyond the bounds of his position. A team leader in the Amistad building said [in Sept. 2009]that several of his researchers complained last year that Mr. Clark was rude to them, prompting the team leader to alert Mr. Clark’s supervisor. He would berate them for minor infractions,” said the man, who requested anonymity. “Everyone enforces rules, but he enforced them in an officious manner.”

MAY 15, 2008
In a May 15, 2008 MySpace blog post which has since been taken down, Hromadka wrote that Ray "has no interest in any of the other girls at YARC as anything more than friends".... Hromadka continued to blast rumors of a "fling" and say that the reason she and Clark were not living together at the time was for "financial reasons."
"We are not broken up nor where [sic] we," she wrote.

MARCH 2009
Clark moved to Middletown from New Haven six months ago [from Sept. 2009], where he shared an apartment with Hromadka and three cats, according to former neighbor Taylor Goodwin, 16.

TUESDAY, SEPT. 8, 2009
Le went missing Sept. 8, 2009, five days before her wedding.
Officials said that Ms. Le was last seen in a brown skirt and bright green T-shirt entering the Amistad Street lab, and that her purse, containing her cellphone, credit cards and money, was discovered in her office at the nearby Sterling Hall of Medicine.

Investigators traced Le's and Clark's movements through their computerized swipe cards, said the source, who is familiar with the investigation. Le entered the Yale laboratory at 10 Amistad St. at about 10 a.m. on Sept. 8. She passed through a basement lab area moments later. Then she swiped her way into a separate room of that lab.Clark entered that same room a short time later, the source said, citing the computer records. Le was never seen again and her card was never used again.

Even more damning than the pen [see Weds. Sept. 9] is his swipe card, which indicates he spent nearly an hour in the room with Le's body after the murder. One can only imagine what was going through his mind. The swipe card records then show him suddenly moving from room to room, as if he were searching for a place to hide a body. The records have him returning to the room and finally heading toward the utilities conduit where the body was later found. The medical evidence tells investigators Le was first hit and then strangled, as if a sudden loss of temper was followed by an explosion of rage.

She parks in a garage attached to the modern Amistad building. You need a Yale magnetic ID card to get in. She headed there last Tuesday around 5:25 p.m. after finishing work. “I was walking into the garage. This man was holding the door for me,” she recalled. She noticed that she had never seen him before. And she noticed blood on his shirt. Not a lot of blood. “The spot was about the size of a quarter or a half dollar maybe. It was on the lower front,” she said. “At the time I thought it was strange. And I thought, ‘Ewwww.’” She described the man as being white and of “medium build.” He wore glasses and had reddish brown hair. “I said, ‘Thank you.’ He said, ‘Any time,’” she said. Something about his response struck her as “weird.” She “walked very fast” to the car and tried not to think about it again.

The only question is why. Here they can only theorize. They note the e-mail exchange in which Clark objected to Le being lax with protocols for tending lab mice. Le responded in a conciliatory tone, which fits what investigators have learned about her. What would not fit would be for her to have been any less conciliatory in person when she encountered Clark at the lab the day of the killing. Investigators speculate that he criticized her for some additional lapse in protocol.

A surveillance camera captured Clark leaving the building following a fire alarm that he may have set off to give himself an excuse for leaving in the middle of a workday. The footage is said to show him holding his head in his hands, clearly distraught.
When Clark was initially interviewed by federal agents shortly after Le was reported missing, he acknowledged seeing Le in the laboratory, the source said. He then was asked to take a polygraph test, which he failed, sources said. Federal authorities also issued polygraph tests to anyone who had access to the laboratories, including Clark's girlfriend, Jennifer Hromadka, who is also a animal lab technician. She passed her polygraph test, the source said.

Clark did not want to be just some guy who cleans mouse cages, so he distinguished himself by always signing in for work with a pen that used green ink. Every day, including the day of the killing. Investigators believe he dropped the pen at the scene and was unable to retrieve it after it fell into a crevice. He apparently hoped to fish it out when he showed up at the lab the day after the killing with a backpack containing wire, fishing hooks and bubble gum.

Yale offers a $10,000 reward for information leading to Le's whereabouts.

Investigators recover bloody clothing discovered above a ceiling tile. They also search a trash facility in Hartford.
Velleca (pictured) had one supervisor and six detectives on Clark’s tail at all times. They worked in 12-hour rotations, Velleca said in an interview Thursday. On Saturday night Clark, a 24 year-old Yale lab technician, was staying at his family’s home in Cromwell, according to Velleca. At first the detectives laid low. They didn’t want Clark to see them. Typically the unit will do that in the earlier stages of an investigation

Her body was found on the day she was to wed.
Five days after Le's disappearance, members of the state police crime squad, with the assistance of a cadaver dog, discovered her fully clothed body in the research building at 10 Amistad St. She was wearing the same clothes seen in a video of her entering the building last week, a source said. Police had to remove part of the wall in a laboratory to get access to the crawl space. The source said that evidence recovered from the crime scene indicated that Le was killed in a different room in the basement and then moved to the room that has the crawl space. The source said that only someone with intimate knowledge of the layout of the laboratory would have been able to access the crawl space. The source said that tiny droplets of blood were found in one of the laboratory rooms where police now believe that the slaying to.
So that first Sunday Clark was busy — “life as usual,” as one of the detectives put it. Clark traveled to New Haven to play softball in East Shore Park, Velleca said. “We had detectives in the crowd. He’s actually pretty good.” Next Clark traveled to Higganum to visit relatives, according to Velleca. That night, he hung out at the Hebron Fair. Then he returned to Cromwell.

Neighbors said that Hromadka, 23, was seen moving things out of the Middletown, Conn. apartment on Monday, Sept. 14 ....
. http://www.cbsnews.com/blogs/2009/09/18/crimesider/entry5319451.shtml?tag=contentMain;contentBody
The medical examiner's office identifies the remains as Yale graduate student Annie Le. Yale holds a candlelight vigil.
By Monday, “he became a stronger suspect. We switched to overt surveillance,” Velleca said. Now detectives made a point of parking right in front of Clark’s window. They would get out of the car and walk around. They had their badges visible. .

....and [Hromadka] brought take-out food into the building the next day, according to CBS affiliate WFSB Hartford
Investigators focused on Clark early in the investigation and searched his apartment Tuesday, when they labeled him a person of interest....
. http://www.cbsnews.com/blogs/2009/09/18/crimesider/entry5319451.shtml?tag=contentMain;contentBody
Hromadka's MySpace page was private as of Tuesday evening...."
Police enter Clark's Middletown apartment at 10:16 p.m. and detain him....They had a search warrant to collect his DNA. He was taken to a state lab to give fingernail and hair samples.
Clark was taken into police custody Sept 15, but not charged. He has since been released [Wednesday, Sept. 16] as police say he is complying with their investigation.

He remained under constant surveillance after he was released early Wednesday and found a room at the Super 8 motel in Cromwell, Conn.
Around 3 a.m. Wednesday he returned to Cromwell — not to the family home, but to a Super 8 motel. Clark and his parents would stay there to wait out the inevitable journey through a media gauntlet to court, and on to a possible murder trial.

DNA tests proving Annie Le's blood is on Clark's boots, which have his name on them. Tests identifying his DNA on her body and clothing. More tests identifying her DNA and hair on him and his clothing.
Clark was arrested about 8 a.m. Thursday.
Mr. Clark, 24, was arrested just after 8 a.m. Thursday in Room 214 of the Super 8 Motel in Cromwell, Conn. He had been staying there with his father, at the end of several days in which the authorities interviewed him, tailed him, took DNA samples and then kept him under surveillance.
10:40 a.m. Clark walked in with ankle chains, striped shirt and khaki pants. He has two public defenders, Beth Merkin and Joe Lopez. No plea. Bail commissioner Sharon Moye-Johnson said Clark refused to be interviewed. Interview used to assess flight risk....Bail commissioner Sharon Moye-Johnson said Clark refused to be interviewed. Interview used to assess flight risk. Moye-Johnson asked the bond be dropped from $3M to $1M. Public defender asked judge to adopt commissioner’s recommendation. Prosecutor Joe LaMotta asked the judge to keep the bond at $3 million. “It’s a serious case,” he said. “It’s obviously a very serious case,” Blue said. He kept the bond at $3 million. Case transferred across the street to Part A. Next court date: Oct. 6
After his morning arrest, Raymond Clark 3rd was tossed into solitary confinement in a Connecticut lockup - then transferred hours later to a maximum-security facility. "He's just somber," said Lt. John Bernard of the New Haven Community Correctional Center, which was .

DEC. 20, 2011
According to the couple’s listing on a wedding Web site, the two are to be married on Dec. 20, 2011
Originally Posted by eyes4crime Rough draft by Eyes4crime with the help of fellow Sleuthers! last draft - Sept 18th.

Building #1 - Sterling Hall of Medicine (333 Cedar Street) houses Dr. Anton Bennett (Assistant Professor Pharmacology Department) lab and office. Annie leaves personal belongings.

Bldg. #2 - 10 Amistad Street (Annie's 2nd and last stop)

Sept. 8th (early am Tuesday) - Annie receives text message from suspect requesting a meeting do discuss cleanliness of mouse cages.

Sept. 8th (early am Tuesday)- Annie arrives and leaves personal belongings in office at Sterling Hall of Medicine. Walks 3 blocks to lab at 10 Amistad St.

Sept. 8th (10:00a) - Annie on video being let into building on Amistad.

- moments later passed through basement lab area
- Annie swipes her way into a separate room of lab (last card swipe for Annie)
- CLARK enters same room short time later
- Clark moves around laboratory entering rooms he normally would not be in.
- Clark swipes into another area -- the place where Le's body eventually found after five days, stuffed into a 2-foot crawl space behind a wall.
- Clark swiped a total of 10 times including after hours
-Clark spends an hour in the room with Annie's body.

Sept 8th -(10:30 - 12:00p) Dr. Bennett teaching a class, Pharmacology 528a, Principles of Signal Transduction. Located in Sterling bldg. (No verification that Annie was to attend).

Sept. 8th (12:00p) - Bennett e-mailed Dr. Schlessinger (chair Department of Pharmacology) around noon to inform that Le had not arrived at work (class?).

Sept. 8th (12:40p) - Steam alarm alerting people to exit; thought to be caused by the release of steam from a lab hood. (no report if intentional or accident).

Sept. 8th (12:40p) - Fire alarm alerting people to exit. Thought that Clark accidentally tripped a fire alarm -- possibly with his own or Le's employee swipe card.

Sept. 8th (9:00p) - Annie reported missing by roommate

Sept. 8th (time)? - Annie's belongings, purse, credit cards, keys, money, cellphone, discovered in her office at Sterling (333 Cedar) - early on by Yale Police.

Sept. 9th - (Wed. late afternoon) - School of Medicine Dean Robert Alpern notified of Le's disappearance just prior to Department of Pharmacology Meeting.

Sept. 10th (mid-day) - Students e-mailed regarding missing Annie.

Sept. 11th - Prof Bennett questioned regarding knowledge of Annie whereabouts.

Sept. 12th - bloody clothes found stuffed in ceiling at Amistad Street - not thought to be Annie's clothes.

September 13th (5:00p) - Members of the state police crime squad, with the assistance of a cadaver dog, discovered Annie's fully-clothed body. Annie was wearing the same clothes as seen in a video of her entering the building last Tuesday morning. Body found in 2 X 2 chase behind wall housing utility cables running between floors.

September 14th - body positively ID by ME as being Annie Marie Le. COD - traumatic asphixiation due to neck compression.

September 15th - Warrant for DNA samples from Raymond Clark III

Sept. 16th - Raymond Clark III, person of interest in motel surrounded by LE

Sept. 16th (late Wed eve.) - Police have obtained a DNA match implicating Raymond Clark III, 24, in the slaying of Yale graduate student Annie Le.

September 17th (8:00am) - Yale University lab technician Raymond Clark arrested in connection with the death of Yale graduate student Annie Marie Le.
Clark charged with murder, and bond set at $3 million.
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