TN TN - Birchwood, WhtMale UP8189, 45-55, surgical repair to elbow, Jul'06

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    I'm not sure I have the title the way it's supposed to be for this forum. Mods, please correct as necessary.

    Your Help Needed To Solve Murder Cold Case
    August 04, 2011 5:20 PM

    In an effort to bring closure to families agonizing over lost loved ones NewsChannel 9 is partnering with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office. Detectives have invited us into the files of some of their most puzzling cold cases.

    Hamilton County detectives have a real "John Doe" case on their hands, the first one to air on NewsChannel 9.

    They shared a forensic scientist's drawing of a man who's life came to a violent end the summer of 2006. It's based on an autopsy performed on a badly decomposed body. Hamilton County detectives still don't know who he is.

    "Somewhere out there there is a family grieving, not knowing what's happened to a family member," Hamilton County detective David Sowder said.

    Much more detail in article.
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    NamUs UP 8189

    The Doe Network:
    Case File 1009UMTN

    Reconstruction of Victim

    Unidentified White Male

    The victim was discovered on August 29, 2006 in Birchwood, Hamilton County, Tennessee
    Estimated Date of Death: June 15, 2006

    Vital Statistics

    Estimated age: 40-55 years old
    Approximate Height and Weight: 5'10-6'0"; 160-210 lbs. (Weight is estimated on the subject's height and size of pants.)
    Distinguishing Characteristics: Brown hair. Surgical scar on right elbow (two screws in proximal head of right radius). A compressed disk in the lower back that may have caused back problems.
    Dentals: Available. No upper teeth.
    Clothing: Gray T-shirt with the "Tom and Jerry", cartoon characters on it. "Arizona" brand, blue jeans, size 34; light colored, cotton socks; white, athletic shoes, with laces; light colored bandanna.
    DNA: Available


    Case History
    The victim was located on August 29, 2006 by hunters in a wooded area near the 12900 block of Eldridge Road, in Birchwood, TN.
    The body had been concealed with black plastic bags over the torso and legs.

    His death has been ruled a homicide.
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    Bumping. There is a huge rule out list for this UID, over 100 names. Meaning he was less likely to have been reported missing?
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    124 (123 + a duplicate) exclusions in the past 10 years (today marks the 10th anniversary). Surely, somewhere, this man is being looked for.

    Exclusions, for the record. NamUs last updated in 2015.

    EDWIN ADAMS 1943 Connecticut
    Myron Alberding 1944 New York
    Michael Allan 1954 Florida
    Calvin Anderson 1948 Michigan
    William Arnold 1942 Nebraska
    Lyndal Ashby 1938 Kentucky
    David Bacon 1946 New York
    John Bankston 1970 Texas
    Richard Barnett 1940 Texas
    John Barreto 1941 Oregon
    Richard Basgier 1954 Virginia
    Jeremy Bright 1972 Oregon
    Dennis Brown 1940 Florida
    Gary Brumley 1948 Missouri
    Samuel Campbell 1950 Maryland
    Gabriel Caporino 1933 Louisiana
    Rogelio Cerda 1959 Texas
    Steven Chait 1951 New York
    James Charapko 1951 Florida
    Kyle Clinkscales 1953 Georgia
    Robert Coe 1955 Texas
    Ronald Cole 1945 California
    Stephen Cook 1953 California
    Michael Costlow 1949 Arizona
    Lowell Daughenbaugh 1948 North Carolina
    Bobby Davidson 1933 Arizona
    Dennis Davidson 1954 Michigan
    George Davisworth III 1944 Texas
    Calvin Deets 1953 Texas
    Fabian Del Rosario 1967 Colorado
    Theodore Dengerud 1951 Minnesota
    Gary Dover 1950 Texas
    EDWARD DUBBS 1937 Connecticut
    David Dugger 1955 Tennessee
    ANDREW EWING 1956 California
    Paul Fugate 1938 Arizona
    James Galloway 1941 Kentucky
    Maxwell Graham 1950 South Carolina
    WILLIAM GRANT 1942 Connecticut
    Joseph Halpern 1910 Colorado
    Franklin Harder 1953 Idaho
    Michael Harp 1953 New Mexico
    Raymond Harris 1951 Nebraska
    WILLIAM HENNIG 1946 Florida
    Daniel Hilkey 1946 Oregon
    Charles Hollingsworth 1931 California
    William Hollingsworth 1951 North Carolina
    Frederick Holmes 1953 New York
    David Hoober 1947 Washington
    William Jamison 1947 New Jersey
    David Jaramillo 1964 Utah
    Archer Johnson 1943 Washington
    Allyn Kellar 1954 Nebraska
    Dermot Kelly 1955 Illinois
    Ryan Kemp 1951 Pennsylvania
    Gary Kergan 1950 Louisiana
    Ronald Kimble 1953 Washington
    Christopher King 1950 California
    James Knox 1955 New York
    Ronald La Valley 1968 California
    Jerry Lackey 1949 Alabama
    John Lake 1930 New York
    Kenneth LaManna 1949 Connecticut
    Randall Lee 1951 Texas
    Randall Lee 1951 Oklahoma
    Christopher Lirette 1949 Alabama
    Jimmy Long 1953 Louisiana
    Richardo Lupercio 1967 California
    John Lusher 1942 California
    DOUGLAS MACKENZIE 1951 Florida
    Roger Madison 1953 California
    Edward Maps Unknown Pennsylvania
    Troy Marks 1967 Louisiana
    Jimmy Maughon 1947 Georgia
    Charles McArthur 1943 Massachusetts
    Michael McLaughlin 1954 New York
    James McNeely 1935 Kentucky
    Paul McWherter 1947 Washington
    Michael Meteer 1956 Colorado
    Gregory Mitchell 1965 Florida
    James Morris 1944 Kentucky
    George Nace 1942 Washington
    CHARLES NAPOLITANO 1936 Connecticut
    Gregory Neveu 1940 Virginia
    Bill Neyenesch 1944 California
    Darrel Nichols 1953 Utah
    Paul Noel 1951 California
    James Norris 1949 Florida
    Jeffrey O'Carroll 1950 Utah
    Roger Packer 1953 Arizona
    Michael Pfaff 1951 New York
    Richard Phillips 1947 New York
    Michael Riemer 1959 Washington
    Isais Rodriguez Jr. 1958 Louisiana
    Mario Saavedra 1965 New Jersey
    George Sager Jr 1954 Texas
    Frank Santmyer, Jr. 1952 Maryland
    Larry Schafer 1948 California
    Michael Scully 1961 Delaware
    David Seelke 1946 Texas
    Mark Seifert 1952 New York
    Ronald Shelley 1949 Oklahoma
    Philip Sheridan 1943 Delaware
    Anthony Sinisgalli 1950 Kansas
    William Smith 1945 New York
    Evan Snider 1942 California
    Alan Soper 1952 Oklahoma
    James Stewart * 1959 Tennessee
    David Thomson 1947 Minnesota
    Edward Tidwell 1950 Kentucky
    Gaetano Vallese 1945 New York
    Ramon Vasquez 1954 Texas
    Paul Vogen 1953 Arizona
    David Waggoner 1947 Texas
    John Wagner 1951 Missouri
    Roland Welsh Jr. 1945 Texas
    Walter West 1941 Idaho
    Chester Wetmore 1971 Florida
    Timothy Witt 1951 Colorado
    Lee Woodard 1945 Tennessee
    Marcos Zavala 1975 Texas
    Mark Zeichner 1949 New York
    Albert Zeitler 1953 New York
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    DNA Doe Project has taken on his case and they will need the public's help to fund his DNA sequencing! Please see their facebook page for today's post


    DDP will be taking on a case of a 2006 John Doe from Hamilton Co, Tennessee. He will be a DoeFundMe case if and when his DNA passes quality control. Here are a couple links to background on him:… and Doe John

    Our website is undergoing upgrades and updating, but we will have a page and Paypal button for him as soon as we know he can be sequenced. We’ll post more information on him at that time. Thanks again to all of you who have been supporting our Does!"
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    Is there any way the thread title can be Hamilton, Birchwood instead of just Birchwood, since Hamilton is the county name?
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    So exciting that they're taking him on!
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    A commenter on the DDP page mentioned that they submitted James Layne but he is not on the rule outs list here... what do you think?

    Missing Person Case
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