TN TN - Cocke County, HispMale 25-29, UP10873, In Nolichucky River, Partially decomposed, Aug'99


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Oct 7, 2021
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Unidentified Person / NamUs #UP10873

Sex Male
Race / Ethnicity Hispanic / Latino
Possible First Name--
Possible Middle Name--
Possible Last Name--
Estimated Age Group Adult - Pre 30
Estimated Age Range (Years) 25-29
Estimated Year of Death 1999
Estimated PMI Days
Height 5' 4"(64 inches) , Estimated
Weight Cannot Estimate


Type Unidentified Deceased
Date Body Found August 9, 1999
NamUs Case Created December 20, 2012
ME/C QA Reviewed--

Location Found

Location Tennessee
County Cocke County
GPS Coordinates (Not Mapped)--
Found On Tribal Land--
Circumstances of Recovery Partially decomposed human adult male was recovered from the Nolichucky River.

Details of Recovery

Inventory of Remains All parts recovered
Condition of Remains Not recognizable - Decomposing/putrefaction

Physical Description

Hair Color--
Head Hair Description--
Body Hair Description--
Facial Hair Description--
Left Eye Color--
Right Eye Color--
Eye Description--

Distinctive Physical Features

No Known Information

Clothing and Accessories
No Information Entered
I wasn't able to find an article on this man, however I did find one on another man whose body was found in the same river, same county, on or about August 1. The article provides identifiers (physical stats, scar, clothing info) that is not provided on this John Doe, so I do not believe given the Namus profile this is the same individual, however, I did want to note a couple of things:

1. I'm surprised given the short time span (~ 1 week) of 2 different bodies recovered from same river, same county that there was Not an article on this John Doe.
2. I do wonder if the two cases are potentially related.
3. I was not able to find any articles through Dec 1999 indicating that the John Doe in the article was not identified.

Johnson City Press, 3 Aug 1999
June 8 2023
''The TBI identified 14 cases total that were eligible for the initiative that started in 2022. The Tennessee General Assembly approved a one-time funding of $100,000 to fund the initiative, which the TBI said is specifically being used to identify skeletal remains of victims in cold cases through forensic genetic genealogy testing. Remains from 10 of those individuals have been submitted to Othram Inc., a private lab based in Woodlands, Texas to conduct DNA extraction and sequencing.''

''Cocke County – 1999​

A Hispanic man, estimated to be between 25 to 29 years old, was found in Cocke County on August 9, 1999, according to the TBI.

According to NamUs, the man’s remains were recovered from the Nolichucky River, a 115-mile river that flows from the mountains in western North Carolina through East Tennessee. It’s estimated the man had been dead for days when he was found, however, no physical features are listed in the description of the man.''

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